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World Of Lawn CareLawn care problems can happen to both homeowners caring for their own lawns and professional landscapers who care for residential and commercial turf. Maintaining a lawn certainly has its challenges for both the novice and the professional. This is why it’s so important to have an online lawn care expert like World of Lawn Care available to help you when you need assistance.

What are the most common lawn care problems? Here are the top three with solutions.

Lawn Disease
Lawn disease is the most common lawn care problem because it has so many varieties. It can often be difficult to diagnose even for experienced landscapers. Diseases can be fungal, bacterial, or viral, but there are certain conditions that you correct to prevent almost all varieties of lawn disease from occurring in the first place. If your lawn is showing signs of disease such as reddish brown spots, small circles of dead grass, powdery white dusty leaves, mushrooms, or mold, you will need to switch to a slow-release, organic fertilizer, cut down on watering, and possibly aerate. As well, make sure that you’re using a seed variety that is appropriate for your specific climate. Not sure what is causing your particular lawn disease, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Free seasonal remindersWeeds
Weed control is simply a fact of life for anyone who has or maintains a lawn. One breezy day can cause dandelion, thistle, and other windborne seeds to be blown directly onto a lawn. What can you do?

First, keep your grass blades higher to discourage sprouting of weeds such as crabgrass. Second, regularly fertilize a lawn to keep it thick and healthy. Healthy grass will simply crowd out competing weeds. Finally, pull weeds that you can and apply an organic herbicide to control the others.

Before you start trying to rid your lawn of insects, it’s important to note that many pests are not pests at all. Some bugs are actually good to have around. Earth worms, for example, are absolutely necessary for the health of your lawn, and without them you will definitely have lawn care problems.

Instead of hastily reaching for insecticides, begin with identifying your pests. Often times, you can introduce biological controls, safe botanical pesticides, or insecticidal soaps to rid yourself of harmful insects.

Many of the chemical insecticides on the market will kill lawn insects, but they are also toxic to people and animals. Instead of keeping your kids and pets off of the lawn, try the safer approaches first.

At World of Lawn Care, we are dedicated to giving you common sense solutions to help you grow a healthy, green, and nontoxic lawn. To find out more about how we can help you with your lawn care, contact us directly.

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