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Lawn care questions abound for many landscapers and homeowners. It’s understandable. There’s a lot to learn. It can be challenging to determine the best strategies that are both safe and effective. At World of Lawn Care, we understand your desire to grow lush, green grass and have a wide variety of solutions for your particular questions and concerns.

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World Of Lawn CareWe find that many of the lawn care questions that our customers ask are about several common dilemmas. Here are the most frequent questions that we receive:

Is there one right way to mow?
Well, there are actually five components to productive mowing that need to be taken into consideration. These are height, frequency, pattern, blade sharpness, and disposal of clippings. To learn more about how to mow effectively, click here.

How do I know if my lawn is getting enough water?
Proper watering is the most obvious way to reduce insect infestations and disease. Too little water will kill your grass and too much water will leave it susceptible to rot, mold, and bacteria. More often than not, lawn care problems are a direct result of improper watering. Contact us directly to find out more about watering techniques and strategies.

Can I get rid of crabgrass?
The best way to remove unsightly crabgrass from your lawn is to improve the density of your grass to prevent the sprouting of this annual weed. There are also a variety of natural herbicidesthat can help stop the plants once they germinate.

I can’t seem to get my grass to grow in the shade. What can I do?
Unfortunately, lawns need light to grow. Most grasses actually need at least three to four hours of light each day to stay healthy, so lawns receiving less than this will inherently be thin and sparse. The best approach to thickening up grass in these areas is simply to cut back overhanging vegetation that is shading the area. As well, reseeding and adding a little topsoil can also be beneficial.

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