Lawn Care Seeding Made Simple

World Of Lawn CareLawn care seeding is a must if you have patches of bare dirt or dead grass on your lawn. With a minimum of preparation and planning, you can dramatically improve the look of your lawn and your home’s overall curb appeal by reseeding or overseeding.

Timing is essential with effective lawn care seeding. You don’t want to plant new seeds right before the winter’s first frost, nor do you want to try to establish new sprouts in scorching summer heat. Instead, try to seed when temperatures are not at their most extreme.

Before you reseed, make sure to clear the area of weeds, dead grass, and debris. We don’t recommend the use of weed killer as it can negatively affect the ability of grass seeds to germinate. Instead, manually clean the parts of the lawn that will be reseeded and aerate to loosen soil.

If there are large amounts of dead grass, or other vegetation, you may need to use a dethatcher. In fact, dethatching every couple of years can significantly improve your soil and the ability for your lawn to grow. Next, add a layer of compost to further prepare your soil for the new seeds.

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With the soil now in prime condition, you can begin your lawn care seeding. Make sure to select a grass seed that is right for your particular geographic region. Not sure what to use? Give us a call at 1-866-399-5562, and we can help answer your specific questions.

For small areas, you can scatter seeds by hand. However, if you have a large expanse that needs to be seeded, take advantage of using a spreader that will save you time and guarantee an even coverage of grass seed. You’ll then want to rake the seed to integrate it into the soil and to prevent birds from eating it. Then, add a thin layer of mulch. Depending on your particular situation, you may also want to apply an organic starter fertilizer to help accelerate growth.

Diligent watering is essential to lawn care seeding. You will want to care for newly seeded lawn by watering it twice a day. If you keep up with the watering, you will begin to see sprouts in about two weeks. Once the blades get to about two inches, you can begin mowing. This will allow enough time for the roots to grow deeply into the soil.

Just as with the care of new sod lawn, you will want to keep pets and people off your newly seeded lawn until it has been mowed a couple of times. This will help ensure its viability along with regular watering, fertilizing, and weed removal.

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