Understanding Lawn Care Tool Options

World Of Lawn CareLawn care tool decisions can be difficult to make, even for those with plenty of experience caring for the needs of their turf.

You want to have the right equipment, but don’t want to spend a fortune on tools that are too complicated or not useful. Among the most important tools to have are a lawnmower, a rake, a trimmer, and an aerator. Of course, there are countless other items that you can purchase to make your job easier, but these are the basics that are crucial for a lawn’s upkeep.

A lawnmower is without question the most important lawn care tool that you will purchase, and there are many makes and models on the market. Push models and those that run on electricity are the most eco-friendly. Gas mowers are generally more powerful, but they require regular fueling up and are not particularly good for the environment.

A good, well-designed rake is probably your next most important purchase. The best lawn care rakes are lightweight and capable of both raking and picking up leaves and debris on your lawn.

Free seasonal remindersA lawn trimmer will help you edge your lawn and cut weeds and tall grass along a fence or driveway. They can also reach under shrubs and cut grass in areas that are too narrow for your mower to reach. Some homeowners prefer to just use shears for these types of jobs, but a trimmer is much quicker and more effective.

An aerator allows you to expose your lawn’s soil to needed air to keep it healthy and thriving. There are many different types of lawn aerators that range dramatically in price, ease of operation, and efficiency. If you already have a healthy lawn, you may want to consider the purchase of aerating shoes that have sharp triangular spikes on their soles. They can be worn while you do general lawn care and will help you keep your lawn effectively aerated. For seasonal treatments such as seeding and fertilization, plug, coring, or rotary spike aerators are better choices.  For large areas, a liquid lawn aerator can work wonders.

Of course, there are many other tools that you can purchase to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams including a spreader for seed and fertilizer application, a long-handled shovel spade, a blower, and a rain gauge. All are helpful but not absolutely essential.

If you have questions about lawn care tools and need some expert advice, contact us today. At World of Lawn Care, we’re here to help you with all of your lawn care needs.

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