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World Of Lawn CareLawn care with a dog can be challenging, even for those who understand the fundamentals of maintaining a lawn green. However, there are a number of solutions that can keep both your lawn looking green and your dog happy.

At the “root” of the problem of dogs and lawn care is the presence of urine and feces which can burn grass leaving your lawn with brown spots. In particular, urine has a high nitrogen concentration, and even small amounts can leave a conspicuous ring of dead grass surrounded by a darker green ring. This is commonly referred to as “female dog spot disease” by many horticulturists. It’s caused by a nitrogen overload from the urine in the center spot and the diluted urine having a fertilizer effect around the periphery of the spot.

Free seasonal remindersHow can these brown patches in lawn be prevented? First and foremost, a fence is the most logical solution to lawn care with a dog to keep all dogs, including your own off of the lawn. But, this isn’t always feasible, and your dog probably wouldn’t be very happy about being kept away from one of his or her favorite places to play. A border of gravel or rock around the perimeter of your lawn is also effective, and well as planting a few marking posts specifically for “Fido” to mark. A bird bath, boulder, or a lawn ornament can all work.

Alternatively, you can spot treat areas that have literally gone to the dogs. First, watering the spot and picking up feces as soon as possible will dilute the nitrogen that can be damaging. Gypsum or lime can also be used as a preventative method to improve soil quality and prevent urine from hitting your lawn’s root level.

As well, most small spots will repair themselves over time. If however, you need to eliminate spots quickly, sodding can be utilized to quickly patch areas of dead grass and prevent the spread of weeds.

Although a fence and stringent rules about keeping dogs off of the lawn will certainly minimize the chances of finding those tell-tale spots, lawn care with a dog for most pet owners usually means compromising a bit more with your four-legged friend. Proactive maintenance and a few strategically placed places to “go” might be all that’s needed to keep your lawn green and pet-friendly.

For more information on lawn care with a dog, contact the experts at World of Lawn Care. We're happy to help you and can provide you with advice and solutions for your particular situation.

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