Why Is Lawn Dethatching Necessary?

If you want to have a beautifully maintained lawn, it is important that you do the necessary tasks such as lawn dethatching. This task is considered as a significant part of lawn care and maintenance because it will help get rid of the various layers of dead plants and grass that exists in your lawn. The reason why dead plants need to be removed is because they can stop nutrients and water to get to the roots of your plants. At the same time, they can also act as the breeding ground for various diseases for your lawn that have the tendency to quickly spread out.

If you are going to dethatch your lawn, it is recommended that you leave a small area of thatch left untouched. This is because it will help protect grass against heat stress as well as drought. A healthy lawn will normally have a half inch thick of thatch layer.

One alternative to costly dethatching equipment is an all-natural liquid solution: the Thatch Blend Lawn Dethatcher. This pet-friendly, kid-friendly, planet-friendly product is simply sprayed onto areas that have thatch.

Because it’s environmentally sound, it’s safe to use in sprayers or tanks – it won’t corrode them.

By breaking up thatch, air and water can get back to the roots of your lawn and help them grow deeper and stronger. Thatch breaks down and turns into rich, dark soil.

In order to know if it is time to dethatch the lawn, you can dig up in your yard and measure how thick the thatch layer currently is. Once it is beyond half an inch, that’s the time you can dethatch your lawn.

The best time to dethatch your lawn is during the fall. This is because doing this task in the spring months can add more damage to the crowns of grass that have just grown. Here are some useful tips that you can use when you remove lawn thatch:

  • Mow lawn equally low.
  • A hand rake should be used in smaller areas.
  • Make use of a core aerator.

Once there is a serious build up of thatch and it causes a severe problem, renting or hiring a professional lawn care company is recommended. This can also occur once the thatch is over an inch thick. For this, a professional lawn dethatching company is advised since they will use a mechanical equipment on your lawn.

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