Lawn Disease: How to Get Rid of Fungi Spores

Free seasonal remindersOne of the biggest problems about taking care of a lawn is the instance of lawn disease that can attack your grass and plants. Whether or not you have a new lawn, you are not spared from this prevalent problem as any lawn can be susceptible to various diseases that can affect the lawn.

Most of these diseases usually start with fungus. The reason why fungus is considered as an oddity is because they do not have the ability to plant seeds. Instead, fungi promulgate through the distribution of spores throughout their surrounding plants. In addition, some of these spores can get picked up by animals or the wind and are distributed to other areas.

The problem with a lawn fungus is the diagnosis. This is because the usual time when infections start showing is when the fungi that has caused it, is already hard to control. Even though there are so many different types of diseases that can occur in your lawn, most can still be prevented through proper and a regular lawn care schedule. Most fungus spores, on the other hand, lie dormant until the conditions become right for them to grow and start infecting your lawn.

As a general rule, the diseases that are caused by fungus spores require a moist environment, warm temperature, a susceptible host, and a good source of nutrition. Even though you can’t control the weather, you can still deprive fungi of the nutrients that they need and a susceptible host.

You can also water your lawn infrequently and deeply so that you can deprive fungus of the damp and moist environment that it requires. Aside from preventing lawn disease from occurring, the practice of infrequent and deep watering can encourage your turf to have deeper roots.

Another option you can follow to avoid lawn fungus in your yard is to only grow plants that are disease resistant grass hybrids.

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