Grass Clippings For Organic Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is easy with these organic fertilizersWith the cost of traditional commercial fertilizers going up in both the financial and environmental sense, a lot of people are looking into greener alternatives that will also give them some savings. Previously overlooked as a source of fertilizer, grass clippings are now seen as a free source of nutrients.

To use them as fertilizer just requires you to leave them on the lawn after mowing. When left on the lawn, they will eventually decompose and then release nutrients back to the soil. Studies show that short grass clippings, measuring half of an inch or less, can cut back on up to 40% of your lawn fertilization expenses. Some proponents even claim that leaving the grass clippings on the lawn for one whole year is equal to also one year’s worth of fertilizer application.

Another benefit is that the grass clippings will help prevent moisture loss and will help keep the grass roots cooler. You can also consider the savings that you get in terms of the time that you would have spent gathering all the clippings and bagging them. Using them as fertilizer will also lessen the impact of the number of trash being sent to landfills.

Download our guide to organic weed controlWhen grass clippings are used in lawn fertilization, one of the things that people ask about is if there is a danger of the lawn drowning in grass clippings. There is no need to be concerned about this if the clippings are short, preferably less than an inch long. Short clippings will decompose quickly and not choke the lawn. Thus, make sure that your mower is properly maintained and have sharp blades all the time. Another option is to use a lawn mower with mulching features so that the clippings are turned into fine bits as you mow.

Easy, simple, and cheap, fertilization with grass clippings can be just what your lawn needs.

If it isn’t enough, however, we have a wide range of liquid organic seaweed products that are not expensive and that provide excellent nourishment. Check out our entire lawn fertilization liquid options here.




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