Recommended Lawn Fertilizing Schedules
Through Various Seasons

Lawn fertilizing is safe and easy with these organic fertilizersWhile most manufacturers and lawn care companies say that you need to fertilize your lawn up to five times a year, in reality you only have to do this up to three times in a year. Instead of the frequency of your application of fertilizer, you should look more into the formulation of the fertilizer in terms of how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium a certain blend contains. The composition or type of fertilizer you use will also depend on whether it is spring, summer, or fall.

Generally speaking, those living in the northern hemisphere depend on when the snow will melt for lawn fertilizing. This is usually done during the months of April to early May. Those whose lawns that had a crabgrass problem during the previous summer may add a crabgrass preventer with the fertilizer. If crabgrass has already grown, dig out the crabgrass clumps or use a blend of fertilizer and weed control instead.

Free seasonal remindersIn the summer, fertilizing is not required to keep the lawn healthy. If you still want to make the grass greener, then you may want to use a nitrogen-only or iron-based fertilizer. These should be applied in mid to late July. When lawn fertilizing during this time, be sure to follow instructions carefully to prevent grass burn. Avoid applying too much as this will result fast growth that you have to mow the grass more frequently during this season.

Fall is the most important time of the year for you to fertilize the lawn. Applying a mixture of fertilizer and weed killer in September will help in eradicating weeds. During this time the weed killer will be more effective. Fertilizers applied in October or November should have high rates of nitrogen. Using a slow release product is recommended. Lawn fertilizing at this time of the year is necessary to winterize your lawn.




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