Lawn Garden Care Can Be Environmentally Responsible

World Of Lawn CareNatural lawn garden care is a safer alternative to using harsh fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. You can effectively take care of your landscaping and control weeds and pests without applying dangerous chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans, pets, and the environment.

We highly recommend the use of a quality organic fertilizer for home gardening and lawn care. Slow-release organic fertilizer provides nutrients to your turf and supports the soil far more than standard, chemical-based fertilizers which can actually leach soil nutrients and foster diseases like brown spot and snow mold. A simple feeding in the spring and in the fall is usually all that’s needed. But, if your lawn garden care involves caring for weather-damaged grass, you can safely apply additional organic fertilizer to improve your lawn’s overall condition.

Free seasonal remindersOver the long run, organic fertilizer isn’t just better for your lawn, your family’s safety, and the environment; it’s also more cost-efficient. By promoting better growing conditions, it will decrease your need for herbicides and pesticides.

While your lawn will greatly benefit from organic fertilizer, you may still have occasional weeds such as crabgrass, dandelions, purslane, and others that can crop up on otherwise healthy turf. First and foremost, look at your watering schedule before you reach for a chemical to kill unsightly weeds. Watering deeply and early in the day encourages deep grass roots that will make it difficult for weeds to grow. Keeping grass blades longer will also discourage weeds.

However, if you’re doing everything right with your personal home garden lawn care and you’re still finding weeds, there are quality organic products that can control the pesty, unwanted plants that you don’t want while not harming your grass. Frequently, weed control can be as simple as adding some lime or sulphur to the soil to improve its pH level.

At World of Lawn Care, we’re here to help you with all of your lawn garden care needs. Whether you are simply wanting to learn more about how to transition to a safer fertilizer or you need an answer for a specific lawn care question, we have the solutions that are right for you.

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