What Is The Best Lawn Grass?

Treat your lawn grass with these organic fertilizersThe best lawn grass is one that is native to the area you live in. Basically this means that there is no one type of grass that is best for all lawns. Grass is just like any other plant, you may be able to force it to grow in an area that is not native for it, but it will take a lot of work and maintenance. Why go to all that trouble when you can just choose a grass type that is used to growing where you live?

Not only is it easier to grow a native type of grass, it is also more ecologically correct. Many types of grass when taken out of their native areas can spread and become what is called an invasive species. Pampas grass is a perfect example of this, though it is not used for lawn grass, it is still a grass species. Many states have banned the importation of this grass species because it spreads and forces out other beneficial plants.

If you are not sure what grass species are native to the area you live in, you can ask at a local nursery or just check your soil. Determine whether you have clay based soil, or whether it has a lot of sand in it, then find a grass seed that was created for that type of soil. You should also consider whether your lawn in mostly sun or mostly shade as that can make a difference in the type of grass seed you will need.

If you have areas of your yard that are mostly shaded and other parts that are in full sun all day, you may want to consider combining two kinds of grass seeds for the best results. There are several good breeds of lawn grass as well as ornamental species of grasses. You may have heard someone say that bluegrass is the best grass for lawns. What you didn’t hear was how much work it is to keep a bluegrass lawn green if you live in a dry climate. Bluegrass seed may make a beautiful lawn, but it is native to an area where it is moist. It needs a lot of water compared to some other lawn grasses, if it is going to do well.

When you are choosing the best grass for your yard think about whether you want to spend the summer working on it or enjoying it.

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