Do It Yourself Lawn Landscape Maintenance

lawn landscape maintenanceYou do not have to hire on a professional landscaping crew in order to have a yard that looks fantastic during the spring and summer months. You can do a lot of the basic lawn landscape maintenance tasks all on your own with a little extra guidance, as well as special products and tools, from World of Lawn

There are plenty of DIY lawn landscape maintenance projects that you can take on which will make your lawn look its very best. Cleaning out all of the weeds, thatch and debris in your front yard, flower garden or backyard vegetable garden will help to keep your yard looking clean and healthy.


Dethatching your lawn is the key to having fresh, healthy and vibrant grass all season long. Thatch is a layer of dead grass, leaves, stems and other debris that lies on top of your seedbed and causes the new grass blades to not be able to grow as they should. Water and nutrients can not get into the soil efficiently and your lawn will end up looking dead with coarse, brown blades of grass. You can dethatch your lawn by using a simple dethatching product that will add millions of microbes to your grass. These microbes eat away all of the dead plant cells and remove this useless layer from your grass.


Other lawn landscape eminence projects that you can take on include adding fertilizer to your yard and your plants so that they will grow to be stronger and contain more nutrients that will make them stand out and keep their vibrant green color much longer. You can use natural or synthetic fertilizer in granular or liquid form to help your vegetation reach its full potential. There is also liquid seaweed fertilizer which uses the nutrients found in Kelp to give your plants, flowers, grass seed and vegetation a healthy boost when applied at the beginning of spring.


Cleaning seedbeds of weeds, dead leaves and grass, and checking the pH levels of your soil before you begin planting anything new will help your soil to thrive and be open to receive all of the powerful nutrients, sunlight and water that it needs in order to help your plants flourish. Good, healthy soil is the key to having strong and vibrant plants and flowers so be sure to take care of your soil before you begin your yearly planting of fresh vegetables or flowers.

World of Lawn Care has an exclusive seasonal lawn landscape maintenance guide that customers can take advantage of and sign up for while visiting the website. This guide will help you by providing you with the information you need in order to have a great looking lawn at any time of the year. This guide will supply you with information on when to plant certain items, when you should fertilize your lawn throughout the year and what types of fertilizer would be the best for your lawn. These helpful tips are perfect for those who are just starting to get into doing their own lawn landscape maintenance and those who have been actively taking care of their own yards for many years as well.




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