Getting Into the Lawn Maintenance Business - Four Things to Know

Are you considering making lawn maintenance a business on the side or even full time? Here are four things you need to know to be successful.

Consolidation Is Key
Before you can get into the Lawn Maintenance Business you need to research on the best location in which to concentrate your business. Look at areas where there are few lawn maintenance businesses and have high maintenance needs. It is best if you can have several clients in an area to save you time and fuel and to make the most of the working day.

Go After Similar Client Types First
There are different types of clients that you can offer your services to, you can have residential, business, or communities. Different clients have different needs so you need to be able to cater to all of their needs in order to get their contract. See what equipment is available for you and choose your clients according to the equipment that you have.

If you want to cater to business clients then you will need to have big equipment and you can only get the job through bidding. You might need to invest in lawn maintenance equipment unlike with residential clients where you will only need the basic equipment like a lawn mower and blower which you should already have at home and you can get the job by directly contacting the owners.

As you add clients, you can look at upgrading your equipment and start to become more professional.  We've got packages that will help you get started.  For example, check out our Lawn Care Contractor's Package.  It contains exactly what you need to set you apart from other people who only offer the standard mowing and trimming, including:

  • A trailer sprayer that attaches to the back of your riding lawn mower to help you fertilize and control weeds over large swaths of grass
  • 5 Gallons of our Aerator Blend to help rejuvenate tired, compacted grass
  • 30 Gallons of Soil Booster organic seaweed fertilizer, to nourish your lawn's roots
  • 30 Gallons of Green Sustaining Blend to help your customers' lawns stay lush even in the dry days of summer.
  • A free marketing package that contains invoices, business card templates, door knockers, and a strategy guide for increasing business..

Take a look at the package here.

Have Backup Materials Ready
You will need to have your paperwork ready and in order before starting your lawn maintenance business. Have invoices and contracts ready and be sure that you know about taxes and accounting matters. It is also very important to have your business licensed to make it legal and always have insurance on your business. Your equipment must be properly insured to cover for any losses should there be an accident or loss of property.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help
After everything is in order, you can start bidding with business clients and advertise your services. Referrals from family and friends are always a great way to secure clients and once you have gotten their contract, it will become an ongoing project since lawn maintenance is always a work in progress.

After you are already stable, you can then offer additional services like landscaping and design, or even snow shoveling in the winter.

Good luck in your business!  Remember that we're always here to help you out with advice- just give us a call!  And if you don't need equipment yet but need some advertising help, check out our lawn maintenance business marketing package page. It contains free templates and sales advice to get you started!

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