Lawn Maintenance Schedule In The Southeastern And Southwestern States

Use these organic fertilizers during your lawn maintenance scheduleThe southeastern and southwestern regions of the United States generally have warm season grasses in their lawns. These grasses thrive in late spring to early fall and then go dormant during the winter. Examples of these grasses are the Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass. Compared to cool season grasses, warm season grasses require a particular lawn maintenance schedule.

For their fertilizing needs, application of fertilizer is done once or twice a year, preferably in late spring. This time of the year is the start of the grasses’ most active growth period. One must follow closely the application instructions for best results. The correct lawn maintenance schedule for mowing, on the other hand, is more frequently done in the spring and summer because they are the prime growing seasons for these grasses. Make sure that you remove no more than one-third of the glass blade. Do not mow when the grass is wet to avoid the growth and spread of plant diseases.

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Warm season grasses need to have their watering needs met in the spring up to fall. They require deep but infrequent watering, which is ideally at one inch of water every week. Deep watering once a week is desired instead of watering daily with a sprinkler. Watering deeply once a week promotes healthy green color, active growth, and deep root growth of the grass. To avoid watering more than necessary, invest in a rain gauge to see how much water the lawn gets naturally and just add water if there is a shortfall.

When it comes to weed control, application of a pre-emergent herbicide should be done late in winter. This is done to prevent the growth of weeds when spring comes. It is recommended that spot application should be practiced instead of spreading weed killers on the entire lawn.

Following the right lawn maintenance schedule for the different maintenance requirements of the lawn will ensure that it remains healthy and problems are prevented.




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