Lawn Maintenance: How To Do It Best And
Four Tips to a Greener, Healthier Lawn

Free seasonal remindersMany people spend too much time and money on lawn maintenance each year. The trick is to spend the time and money wisely in the fall and spring so that you can spend the summer enjoying your lawn. It is so easy to get bogged down in thinking that you need every product on the market in order to keep your lawn green and weed-free. Deciding what products to use on your lawn has gotten even more confusing since all the organic lawn  maintenance products were introduced to challeng traditional chemical products.

Relax - we'll make it easy for you!

In early spring or even as soon as the snow melts off, use a pre-emergent weed killer and fertilizer on your lawn. One good option for this is Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer.

This all-in-one product will save you time and as it is an organic product will not harm your lawn.

If you had any bare patches in your lawn last fall this is also a good time to reseed with a grass species that is native to your location. In most cases you can mix the grass seed together with the weed killer and fertilizer so that you only have to go over the lawn once. We have backpack and trailer sprayers you can use to do this quickly.

Fall lawn maintenanceIf it is fall and you are getting your lawn ready for the winter, then a simple lawn  maintenance step such as Winter Blend, which is an organic liquid fertilizer, could be the answer. When it begins to cool off in the fall plants begin to store minerals to get them through the colder months. This is why a good organic fertilizer is recommended in the fall: it supplies the minerals that your lawn needs to stay healthy through the winter and ensures that your plants are growing strong in the spring.

With many people's schedules too busy with work and family, chores such as maintaining the lawn may be neglected. When this happens, the lawn becomes unhealthy and the grass may start to die. A professional lawn maintenance company will need to be called in to restore the lawn's health. They may do this by uprooting all the grass and treating the soil with fertilizers.  Save time, money and expense by following these tips.

There are three main nutrients that are needed for a healthy lawn.

  • Nitrogen is the nutrient that promotes dark green color and good leaf and blade development.
  • Phosphorous on the other hand promotes root and rhizome development for the maturity of the plant.
  • Potassium is the one that gives vigor to the plant and helps in its tolerance against drought and provides hardiness during winter.

Tip One
To determine the amount of nutrients that your lawn needs, you need to have the soil tested, which is what should be done before replanting the grass on your lawn. Even application of fertilizers encourages uniform growth.

Tip Two
Proper watering of the grass is also necessary for a healthy lawn. When your footprints remain on the grass after you have walked on it, then it is time to water it. Do it in the early morning when the evaporation rate is lowest and refrain from watering at night since this might encourage the development of disease causing fungi that can harm the grass.

Tip Three
It is also advised to have the lawn mowed frequently and as high as possible to enable it to take up enough water and moisture.

Tip Four
To cut down on fertilizers, you can leave the clippings on the lawn. If you don't like having clippings on shoes and pets being tracked through the house, consider an organic fertilizer such as our Soil Booster Seaweed Fertilizer for a natural and effective aid.

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