Lawn Moss Removal in Seven Easy Steps

lawn mossIf you feel that trying to get rid of lawn moss is hopeless or a never-ending cycle, you'll be happy to know that it's actually very easy to eradicate. Follow these seven simple steps and be sure to do all of them. Skipping any one of these steps sets you up for the problem coming back.

1. pH Level Check: Grass loves a neutral pH, or even a slightly alkaline one. Your intruder prefers acidic levels. This is the number one cause of moss. Without fixing the soil pH, you don't change the conditions that started the lawn moss to thrive in the first place. Get your soil tested and fix the acidity.

2. Drainage: This is a moisture loving plant that lives on the surface. Use a liquid aerator to get rid of soil compaction and spike your lawn to improve water flow. When this is done, your lawn will become an unwelcome place for this pesky plant to grow.

3. Soil depth: Healthy grass has long roots. If the soil depth is shallow, your lawn will suffer and weeds will move in. Tree roots sticking out are a perfect example of this. If raising the soil level makes it too hard to mow, consider turning that area into a raised bed for plants instead.

4. Let the sun shine in: Lawn moss thrives in shade while grass wants sunshine. Take a look and see if there are ways to maximize your lawn's sun exposure. Cutting tree branches and trimming bushes can have a dramatic effect.

Free seasonal reminders5.Don't scalp your grass when you mow: Short turf is weak turf as the roots don't develop and are shallow. This means perfect conditions for weeds to move in. Keep the blades on your mower high enough to keep from "scalping".

6. Get rid of the lawn moss: With inhospitable growing conditions, this weed won't want to come back, but you still need to get rid of what's there. Raking heavily will hurt it, but killing it with a product like Moss-Aside will work better. Soak the affected area as directed with the moss killer then lightly rinse after 15 to 30 minutes. It will start dying off within a few days, and after 5 days you can reseed the area.

7. Replace with grass seed: Leaving bare areas after removal is begging for weeds to come and fill in the gap. Thoroughly aerate the ground and plant lawn seed. If the area is a shady one, use a grass type that prefers shade.

By knowing your enemy, and finding out why he's moved into your turf in the first place, you can defeat him. Get rid of surface moisture, let light in, fix the soil pH and drainage to make moss unwelcome. At the same time, you're improving conditions for your grass and encouraging deep root growth. Removal and replacement will succeed now because all this shifts the balance in favour of your turf, and will keep lawn moss away.

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