Lawn Mowing Tips for a Trouble Free Yard

Free seasonal remindersLawn mowing is not everyone’s idea of fun, although with some of the riding mowers on the market it can be. It is, however, good exercise. For a trouble free yard in the summer it is best to start your lawn care in the fall. After the first frost, use a Seed and Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader to place a fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer on your lawn. One example of this would be Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer. This will give you a head start in the spring.

After you have spread the fertilizer and weed killer, mow your lawn one more time before winter. This time set your lawn mower to ‘mulch’ so that it spreads the chopped up grass back over your lawn. This adds important organic matter back into the soil. Over the winter months the mulch will begin to break up and be ready for the lawn to use in the spring.

No matter what kind of lawn mowing equipment you use make sure the blade has been sharpened or replaced. This will give you a clean cut instead of shredding the tops of the grass. Wait until your grass is about 4 inches high before mowing, and then make sure your mower is set to its highest setting. You want the grass to be close to 3 inches high when you are done mowing.

There are several good reasons for leaving your grass higher. When your grass is higher it shades the soil and prevents weed seeds from receiving the sunlight they need to grow. Leaving the grass higher lets your grass concentrate on creating a strong root system instead of having to focus on replacing the growth you cut off. You really do not want to cut more than 1/3 of the height of the grass off at any one time. This will reduce the amount of lawn mowing you have to do during the summer.

You may have heard that you should cut your grass as short as you can so that you won’t have to cut it so often. This is completely backwards. When you cut your grass really short, you remove all or most of the sugars it has stored in the blades. This means that the grass has to grow faster to replace it. Short grass also lets weed seeds grow and take over your lawn. It prevents the grass from establishing a strong root system that it needs to survive winter months.

Correct lawn mowing can make a world of difference between brown, patchy lawns and lush, green, full yards that are the envy of the neighborhood; so can simple steps like aerating, dethatching and fertilizing. Once you know what the right steps are, you can apply them like a pro!

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