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Free seasonal remindersIf you want a beautifully managed lawn, it is important that you do an effective lawn pest control and maintenance. This is because once you get pests in your lawn, it is synonymous to saying goodbye to your plants. The best way you can avoid this from happening is to prevent them. By having a system that will help you prevent pests in your lawn, you will be able to avoid unwanted and uncontrollable pests from roaming and affecting the plants in your lawn. For this, here are some tips on how you can prevent this from happening:

  • Clean your yard. If you don’t clean your yard regularly, you will always encounter problems with pests. This is because there will always be available water, food, and shelter that they can get access to. Once you clean your lawn regularly, you can easily avoid having problems with pests.

  • Get rid of the piles of leaves and sticks that are scattered all over your lawn. Mow your lawn so that it becomes nice and the grass are short.

  • Get rid of the rocks in your lawn so that pests will not have a place to crawl under. In addition, cut your bushes short so there will be lesser places for pests to hide.

  • Another yard pest control tip includes completely securing your garbage cans when you leave them outside.

  • If you would like to have a natural way of getting rid of pests, you can attract pest predators. One good pest predator that you can invite to your lawn are birds. Just make sure you don’t let bird seeds scatter on the ground as this will attract other animals.

You can also make use of repellants for lawn pest control. This is a common option since repellants can affect the smelling ability of pests.

For a more active way to get rid of pests, you can use nematodes; these nematodes eat grubs and other pest larvae, and are harmless to humans, plants, and healthy earthworms.

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