Lawn Problem: Fungus, Moss and Mold Control

lawn problemWhat Do You Do When You Have These Lawn Diseases?

If your lawn has mushrooms popping up all over, mossy spots, or patches of mold that look like leftover detergent spills, you’re probably wondering if it is possible to get things under control and return to a lush, green carpet-like lawn.

There are a lot of general techniques that can help prevent these lawn problems from ever taking root.

First, make sure that your lawn is consistently dethatched and properly aerated.  By keeping your lawn from becoming compacted and your grass’s roots from becoming spindly and weak, you create a naturally disease-resistant bed that fights off all these diseases daily. 

Healthy lawns have roots that grow close together and deep into the ground.  But if the roots aren’t healthy, it is easy for any passing spore or seed to implant itself into the soil and start to spread lawn problems.

Defensive Techniques

Free seasonal remindersConsider using a mechanical aerator or a liquid aeration product at least once a season: more if your lawn has had these diseases occur time and again.

Dethatching and regular raking also keeps roots strong and stops lawns from becoming inviting beds of dead and decomposing grasses, ready for mushroom growth. 

As well, watering correctly (the right time of day, the right amount of water, and the right number of days per week) will make your lawn stronger and healthier.

Finally, fertilizing your lawn helps to establish deep, strong, healthy roots that create a thick and healthy base.  Take a little time to find out about when to fertilize your lawn and what nutrients it is looking for at different times of the year.  Armed with this information, you’ll be able to fix problems fast when they happen, rather than being an easy target.

These days you don’t have to settle for harsh chemicals and toxic sprays.  There are lots of organic products on the market that really nourish your yard in a way you can feel good about.  It’s not hard to do the right thing and still have a green lush lawn.

A Good Offense

If your lawn is currently showing signs of one of these diseases, you need specific actions you can take now, and save the preventative actions for next season.

Each of the three most common lawn problems also have specific actions you can take to fight them.  Find out more about:

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