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The most common lawn problems that yard owners usually face fall into three categories. The first category involves the weeds and other plants that compete with your lawn grass for resources such as water and soil nutrition. The insects that feed on the grass belong to the second group. Lastly, the plant diseases that afflict the grass and other plants in your lawn fall under the third category.

Use an organic dandelion killer to help prevent lawn problems.To begin with, prevent weeds in the first place by aerating and overseeding. To keep weeds in check, hand weeding is the best way to control the spread of this most common and recurrent of lawn problems. Hand weeding is specially recommended if there are plants sensitive to herbicides or if you have an adjacent vegetable garden where herbicide spray drift will be a concern. Herbicides must be used as a last resort and should be properly applied. 

Of course, if you are able to use organic lawn care products, herbicides are not as much of a taboo.

When dealing with insects, you must first learn to distinguish between beneficial insects and pests. Not all plant damage is caused by pests. Check for other causes such as unhealthy growing conditions, and the presence of potentially harmful substances like dog urine or road salt.

Just like any other problem, knowing the exact causes of these lawn problems are essential to finding the right solution. To properly eradicate pests, know their respective life cycles to know when is the best time to apply treatments. Be also aware of the type of conditions that encourage pests to proliferate. For example, short grasses are ideal places for white grabs to lay their eggs. 

Free seasonal remindersThe most common plant diseases that affect most lawns are dollar spots, leaf spots, necrotic ring spot, powdery mildew, and rust. These can be prevented by good watering and mowing practices. You must also ensure that the levels of potassium and nitrogen are balanced. In the end, prevention is always better than the cure. For lawn problems, follow best practices that ensure your lawn in properly maintained and therefore less susceptible to weeds, insects, and plant diseases. Contact us with your lawn problems and we'll be happy to help you select the right products and equipment for the job.

Grasses and weeds can cause a lot of trouble for your lawn.

Crabgrass is a fast growing weed and thrives well in lawns that are mowed too low. To fix this, you need to mow high and fertilize it with corn gluten meal in early spring.

Dandelions on the other hand have long thick taproots that grow back easily and you have to kill the plant before its flowers mature to keep it from spreading its seeds. Although you can kill it with herbicides, these can be harmful to humans so it is better to just uproot it using a specialized fork like tool.

Fungus and moss can also cause lawn trouble for you. These are usually caused by too much moisture, improper mowing and fertilizing at the wrong time of year. The best thing that you can do with this problem is to fertilize your lawn at the right time and prune trees and shrubs to discourage their growth.

The small beetle larvae called grubs can cause sections of your lawn to die. You can apply herbicides mixed with water to the soil a couple of days before replanting to fix this problem.

Another animal that can cause harm to your turf is the mole. They tunnel near the surface of the soil leaving a zigzagging trail of raised soil. The only effective way to deal with this problem is to trap them or hire a wildlife control professional to handle the problem.

Still another common lawn problem that you might encounter is dog urine on your yard which can kill grass. You can tell that a dog has urinated on the grass when brown spots appear among the green grass.

Although you can use a motion activated water sprinkler to discourage dogs from going in your lawn, it can be activated by any person who might happen to step on your grass. The least that you can do here is to wait for the grass to grow back or replant the brown spot.





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