Lawn Seed the Natural Way

Lawn seedThere are a few things you need to consider before beginning your lawn seed project. Before you run out and buy the grass seed, take a long look at your lawn. Actually do this several times throughout a day. What you are looking for are the amounts of sun and shade in your yard. This will help you to determine the right kind of grass seed to buy. If most of your yard is in shade for the majority of the day you will probably need to get a fungus resistant grass seed. Shade allows the grass to remain damp for most of the day. This is the perfect situation for fungus growth.

You will also need to think about the amount of rain you normally get during the year. If you live in a drier area you may want to choose a drought resistant grass seed. If you live in a very wet area you may want a grass seed that is resistant to fungus. Most grass types require only one steady long term rain per week to remain healthy and green. Try to find a type of grass seed that is native to the area where you live to avoid having to water it every week.

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Spring and fall are the best times of year for planting lawn seed.

If the soil is compacted, start out with either mechanical aeration, or our Liquid Aerator Blend first and give it 3 or more days before seeding.  If you are seeding in the spring you may want to add an organic composting fertilizer to the lawn before seeding it. After seeding, add a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus. One good choice of fertilizers is Soil Booster Blend. There are many other brands also available on the market, or if you have your own composter you can use that as well. We have found Soil Booster to be so effective and easy-to-use that we stick with it, unlike composting ourselves.

Once you have composted your lawn, spread the seeds evenly either by hand or with a Seed and Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader. It is best to walk over the seeds after you have spread them to press them into the soil. This also keeps birds from eating the seeds. Lawn seeding in the fall is somewhat easier. Wait until just before or after the first light snowfall. Spread the grass seed evenly over the area you wish to seed. The following snows will press the grass seeds into the soil as they thaw. Many people prefer this method because the seeds are already in place and ready to grow the following spring.

Seeding is an essential start to a great lawn. For more tips on lawn seed, see this page.

If you’d like more information on how to have a lush, green lawn year round, visit our Lawn Care Blog, where you’ll find easy do-it-yourself tips and tricks for a beautiful yard.




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