How To Grow Your Lawn Service Business: Green Your Bank Account As Well As You Green Customer Yards!

Growing your lawn service business takes maintenance just the same as the work you do on the grass for your customers. While you are known as a green thumb for your outdoor work, how green is your bank account looking? Here are 5 proven ways to boost your business from the very start (or starting now).

#1: Give A Freebie

lawn serviceThis is a highly recommended idea for any business, but in the lawn care business you can really strut your stuff. It is standard to provide free estimates for grass cutting and maintenance. It’s equally well known that it’s very hard to judge how long it will take to mow a yard, because of landscaping obstacles, slopes, and edging.

To really impress a potential new customer, why not offer one free turf trim? Now you can give an accurate quote, you’ve proven your lawn service skill, and you’ve offered your potential customer a gift. Whether you get the client or not, that’s a goodwill gesture they will remember and pass on to friends and family.

Pricing Tip: Phone other companies and find out what they charge. You should never try to be the cheapest, but you should know what the going rate is.


#2: Word-Of-Mouth To Market Your Lawn Service

Lawn service business cards To get new customers, they need to know you have a lawn care business; obvious right? But what is the best way to market your business? The number one way is word-of-mouth from current clients, and from people seeing you work.

Wearing a company shirt, having a logo on your work vehicle, and always, always, always carry business cards and/or flyers. Include the basics: company name, phone number, email address, website, and the services you offer in simple language.

Think about more ways to advertise your lawn care business inside client homes with calendars, fridge magnets, and greeting cards for things like the first day of spring.

lawn service business templates

Free Templates: Click here to get free templates to design your own flyers, business cards, door hangers, and more.


#3: Ways To Advertise Your Lawn Care Business

Yellow pages (online or in the book) is always a good idea. Don’t stop there though. An online presence is essential these days, so have a basic web page, and proof-read it carefully. If you have the time to make a weekly contribution, use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. Use them as a way to showcase your lawn service knowledge and skill, with photos of your work and tips for greener grass. Ask local garden centers if you can put up a flyer or brochure, and in return, offer to hand out their flyer, too. You don’t have to spend a lot to advertise, especially if you do it locally and online.


#4: Lawn Care Business With A Difference

Be special and be different, and be proud of it. People rarely brag about having the cheapest yard work on the block, but they do brag about how good their lawn service is! So what are you most proud of?

  • Organic Care: Being environmentally green is important to almost everyone, but most especially to parents and pet owners.
  • Tidy And Clean: Cleaning driveways, sidewalks and patios after you mow may take more time, but customers love this added touch.
  • Sharp!: Sharp mowing blades cut grass cleanly so it doesn’t brown at the tips: you know this and sharpen your blades once a week or each month.
  • Considerate: Offer to schedule your lawn service so as not to interrupt baby’s naptime, or when nightshift workers tell you they sleep.
  • Services: Apart from mowing, you can also add services such as aerating, fertilizing, edging, overseeding, leaf raking/blowing, tree trimming, etc.


#5: Add Winter Work To Your Lawn Care Business

add a snow plow to your lawn service Photo by Michael Pereckas (flickr)

If snow shuts your yard work down in winter, add to your services! Offer snow-removal and de-icing of driveways and sidewalks. The same sprayer you use for yard work can be used with a plant-friendly, environmental de-icing liquid. You can always turn your pick-up truck into a plow by adding a blade. Just because you choose seasonal work doesn’t mean you have to be broke all winter.


Maximize Your Business's Earning Potential

There you are – five easy ways to green your lawn care business bank account. Give a potential client a free mow; they will be happy, see how well you work, and you can give an accurate estimate. Use word-of-mouth to work for your lawn service by getting your company logo on your vehicle, shirt, flyers, and gift items like magnets and calendars. Advertise online, and in local garden centres as well as the yellow pages. Promote what your lawn care business does better than anyone else. Finally, don’t let the off-season break the bank; add winter work to your lawn service and work all-year round.

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