Are Lawn Sprayers Worth Having?

Lawn sprayers are a great addition to your lawn care supplies. Not only are they great for applying liquid fertilizer, they can also be used to spray sealant for pavers and patios. If you have been doing research on organic lawn care, you will have seen that many of the products are liquid based. A personal lawn sprayer can make applying these products quick and easy for you.

lawn sprayerThere are many sizes and styles of lawn sprayers to chose from; everything from a LC-BP4 Backpack Sprayer to a LC-CPS5 Cordless Portable Sprayer and many other options as well. Some can be mounted directly on your UTV while others are designed to be towed behind the lawn tractor for ease of use. The style and size of the lawn sprayer you chose would probably be determined by the size of your lawn or possibly by health factors you experience. In either case owning one of these useful sprayers would make the work of keeping your lawn healthy and green much easier.

Whether you prefer organic lawn care products or chemical based products you will be able to find many useful applications for a sprayer. Fertilizer, insecticide, pre-emergent weed killer, and many types of nutrient solutions are available in a liquid form. Dragging garden hoses around your yard and constantly having to stop and refill the small reservoirs that attach to them is a time consuming and back breaking job. Once you have gone to the trouble of making your yard beautiful with landscaping or gardens, you have the added work of keeping them healthy and beautiful. Sprayers can make this job a breeze.

Sprayers are so easy to use and convenient to have around that people who own lawn sprayers seem to find many uses for them. Whether you are interested only in caring for your lawn and flowers or if you are considering expanding to seal your patio or deck, a sprayer can be a time saving option for you. Sprayers make working on even the largest lawn easy and quick. Many people become so attached to the ease of use that they go out of their way to find more ways to use them.

Just thinking about the to-do list you have lined up for the spring can be enough to wear you out. Fertilizer, plant food, maybe some mineral supplements all of these can be accomplished with ease. If you are facing a grub infestation you can even get a liquid nematode application that will clear up the problem. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to keep your lawn, landscaping, and garden beautiful and healthy, with the aid of a lawn sprayer.

Investing in a sprayer will give you more time and less work this summer, so that you can actually spend time enjoying your yard. Lawn sprayers are great for spreading insecticides before an outdoor party, too. Make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood this summer.




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