Lawn Thatching - Everything You Need to Know

Free seasonal remindersIf you wish to have a beautifully managed lawn for your home, it is a good idea to be aware of the things you need to do. This is because knowing these things can help you know when you should do such tasks. Take for example, lawn thatching. Thatching is a task you will need to do so your lawn can look more appealing. Failure to do this will produce an emaciated looking lawn.

Thatch refers to the combination of living and dead leaves, roots, grass clippings, and other plants, that have intertwined to form a thick blanket that lies between the grass and the soil. It is important to remove thatch since it is unsightly and can affect the health of your lawn. Thatch buildup largely depends on the types of plants in your yard as well as your maintenance quantity and quality.

There is some buildup though that does not need to be removed right away. A good example for this is grass clippings. This does not need immediate care for lawn thatching since it can protect your soil. It can also retain moisture for the living grass to use once your yard has not been watered properly.

The best time you can thatch your lawn is during spring. This is because it is a healthy process that will benefit your lawn and soil for the upcoming summer months.

The process of thatching should be done every 3-5 years. When you will need to dethatch your lawn, there are several clear indications as to when it is needed. One of the best ways to determine this is to take a sample of each layer in your lawn. This includes the grass and dirt. The layer should be a minimum of 3 inches.

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