Your Guide To Lawn Tools:
What Do You Need For Your Property?

which lawn tools are most important?Lawn tools range from basic yard supplies to specialty equipment that makes property maintenance easy and efficient. The size of your patch of grass makes a difference, but so does the time and effort you are willing to spend. Here is your guide to the equipment from must-have to good-to-own to I-lust-after.

Clearing Your Yard Options

How often do you hear or see “rake” in any typical turf topic? A lot! That’s because keeping your grass clear of leaves and debris so it can soak up sunshine and air is the most important thing you can do. That’s what a typical fan rake is for. On larger properties, and for those of us who place a premium on comfort and time, a leaf blower is an essential part of our lawn tools. Same result, with less back-breaking raking.

Mowing For Growing

Those of us without goats need a lawn mower. Small yards can do well with an electric model, and larger areas demand a gas model for freedom from cords. There are still folks who bag clippings, but we know those clippings are a critical source of nitrogen nutrition for your lawn. Nowadays you can get a recycler model that produces super-fine clippings that feed faster, better, and get rid of the ‘dried hay’ look of longer clippings. Now that’s definitely a lust-after product as far as your grass is concerned!

To Aerate Or Not To Aerate, Who Does It Is The Question

Aerating your turf by pulling out plugs 3 inches deep is an important part of yard maintenance for root health, soil health, and giving your grass resistance to drought. Aerator lawn tools are expensive as far as lawn equipment goes, and are good to own for large property managers doing their turf once or twice a year. The machine will soon pay for itself over hiring a contractor. However, the average small property and home owner will do better to hire a pro, or use a liquid aerator to get the job done.

What Is The Most Sought-After Of All Lawn Tools?

LC100 Lawn Sprayer System Some may argue for the mower, others for the rake, but there’s another one that should be in the running: the sprayer. As far as making lush green grass results easy, my money will always go to the sprayer. This is the must-have equipment most often missing from the homeowner’s garage and the property owner’s tool shed. What do you need the sprayer for? Here’s the list!

  • Applying Liquid Fertilizersfar less damaging than dry chemicals and perfectly thorough coverage
  • Spraying Aerating Liquidwhen you don’t have the machine and don’t want to pay a pro to use an aerator
  • Using Lawn Dethatcherfor easier control of strangling brown thatch that gives you brown, not green grass
  • Lawn Tools Are Not Just For Your Turf! – also good for applying a lawn-safe liquid de-icer on pavement in winter, rinsing dust and dirt off plants and trees safely and gently, spraying plants with organic insecticides, fungicides, and more

With the importance of having a sprayer as a key member of your lawn tools, it only makes sense if it’s comfortable and easy-to-use. After all, in fertilizing alone, you’ll be using it 4 times a year at the very least. A simple back-pack sprayer makes for easy spraying, so you’re far more likely to use it, and do the all-important turf care tasks of fertilizing, aerating, and dethatching. For large properties, you’ll need a sprayer with a larger capacity suited to the number of gallons you’ll need to get the job done.

Other Good-To-Own Equipment

  • Garden Rake: for removing thatch, raking in top soil & seed
  • Wheelbarrow: to carry topsoil, sod, tools and more
  • Weed Whacker: for trimming near fences, curbs, trees, etc.
  • Edger: to keep lawn edges and sides straight and neat
  • Seed Spreader: for evenly spreading grass seed

Turf maintenance is the only way to keep your grass lush and green. The lawn tools you need depends on how much you’re willing to do by hand and where you want to make the work faster and easier. Clearing your yard can be done by rake or by leaf blower. Your lawn mower can be a small simple electric model all the way up to a gas-powered recycler machine that helps feed your turf with finely chopped clippings. Aerating machines are perfect for large properties while smaller yards can hire a pro or use liquid aerator. The number one piece of equipment for everyone is a sprayer to handle liquid applications like fertilizer, de-thatcher, aerating liquid, and so much more. With the right lawn tools, you’ll find it easier to look after your turf, and you’ll leave others green with envy at the lushness of your lawn.




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