Lawn Watering: Needed or Not?

Lawn wateringLawn watering is a controversial subject. Many people think it is necessary to water a lawn daily or every other day in order to keep it green and healthy. These people are setting themselves up for serious lawn care problems down the road. Watering your lawn this often is bad for your grass. It encourages the roots to stay close to the top of the soil and spread outwards instead of downwards like it should. Besides which, grass just does not need that much water and it may cause the growth of fungus on the grass blades.

There are many better lawn watering solutions that offer you a long lasting and healthy yard. First you should stop using chemical fertilizers that contain nitrogen on your lawn. Nitrogen increases grass growth at a faster than optimum level. If your grass is busy growing up then it isn’t rooting itself deeply into the soil. Nitrogen fertilizer will just mean more mowing on your part, and your yard still will not be as healthy as it could be.

Instead of chemical fertilizers consider using a natural fertilizer such as Soil Booster Blend. This all natural compost contains all the nutrients that your lawn needs and it will not add harmful chemicals that could be dangerous for your children, pets, or the wildlife. Another option you may want to consider is Summer Blend Organic Fertilizer. Both of these products encourage grass roots to grow deeply into the soil which means that they need much less watering.

Free seasonal remindersAnother thing to consider when watering is the type of grass seed you have growing in your yard. If you selected a grass that is native to the area where you live then it will need much less watering to keep it healthy and green. However, if you chose a grass that is native to an area that gets more average rainfall than where you live you may have to water it more often during the summer months.

Lawn watering is a considerable expense if you have grass that is not native to the area you live in. It may be less expensive in the long run to replant your yard with a native grass type. This would drastically reduce the amount of watering you would need to do. In many areas of the country during the summer there are bans on watering grass. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a green lawn even when lawn watering wasn’t allowed?

For top tips, check out Seven Secrets the Pros Know About Lawn Watering, a helpful article that will keep costs down and keep you on the right side of the environmental movement! Our lawn care blog is another source of great tips and tricks to keep your whole yard green and lush – visit it today!




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