Four Lawncare How to Facts

lawncare how toMany people turn to professional lawn maintenance companies with their lawncare how to questions. This can be very expensive and really not necessary. Almost anyone can have a lush, green lawn with very little work. Some of the answers to the questions below may seem too simple but they really work.

  1. Lawncare how to water less: The answer to this is actually in two parts. First you need to be sure that the grass in your lawn is the right type for the area you live in. Second you need to raise your lawn mower blade. If you are using a grass seed that needs a lot of water in an area that doesn’t get much water you are going to end up watering throughout the summer. There are many types of grass seed that require less water and still offer a lush lawn. Raising your mower blade so that grass remains at least 3 inches long will mean that the root system of the grass can grow deeper into the soil therefore needing less surface water to remain green and healthy.
  2. Lawncare how to prevent weeds: The easiest way to prevent weeds without the use of chemical weed killers is to leave your grass at least 3 inches long and overseed in the fall. Leaving your grass longer prevents the sunlight from reaching weed seeds so they don’t grow. Overseeding in the fall creates a fuller growth of grass which forces out weeds. Grass sprouts earlier in the spring than weeds do so if the soil is already sprouting grass there will be less room for weeds to root.
  3. Free seasonal remindersLawncare how to avoid aerating and dethatching: One of the easiest ways to avoid the need for aerating and dethatching your lawn is to make sure that you have plenty of earthworms in your soil. This can be accomplished easily and cleanly with Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons TM. Earthworms are nature’s aerators and they help to break up thatch as they move through the soil. Worms not your thing? We have liquid aerators and dethatchers that you spray and forget – easy as that!
  4. Lawncare how to achieve a lush green lawn: All the above steps will help you to achieve a lush green lawn, but if you are still in doubt add some plant food to your lawn care program. If you are interested in an all natural plant food you may want to consider something like Soil Booster Blend. If finding an all natural method is not important to you there are many other choices you could make just be sure that it contains plant food as well as fertilizer. When using these products it is best to apply them in the spring and fall to ensure coverage for the whole year.

Many professional lawn maintenance companies may give you other advice, sometimes because they do not know any better and some because they are hoping you will hire them to care for your lawn. These simple answers are effective and can save you a lot of work and money, while providing you with a lawn that you can be proud of.




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