Lawncare Tips For Treating Brown Spots

Lawncare tips for brown patchesKeeping the lawn constantly green and healthy is a round-the-calendar concern for most homeowners. While it does require some amount of work, the level of satisfaction in having a beautiful green space surrounding the house is worth it. A problem that one may have to deal with occasionally is the brown spots that appear on an otherwise perfect looking lawn.

These brown spots are usually caused by frequent foot traffic, insects, pet urine, or the grass not receiving enough water. Before attempting to repair it, you should try out solutions that target specific causes.

Lawncare tips for treating brown spots due to specific causes are basically practical solutions.

  • For brown spots caused by foot traffic, reroute the traffic flow or add stepping stones onto the lawn.
  • For spots caused by insects, check the type of insect to find the best method of getting rid of them.
  • If the spots are caused by pet urine, neutralize the urine acids by adding some lime to the affected area.

Once the specific cause of the brown spots have been addressed, then it is time to repair the lawn. Repairing these spots are best done early in the spring. Repairing the brown spots starts with choosing fresh lawn seed and making sure that it is of the same type as the grass on your lawn.

Free seasonal reminders Loosen up the soil before sprinkling the lawn seed over it. After planting the seeds, cover the area with some mulch, then water regularly to keep the area moist. This will help the seeds with their germination and growth.

When the grass has started growing, the mulch can be raked out. Make sure that the area will not dry out as the young grass can die easily.

Additional lawncare tips refer to mowing: mow only when the grass has become well established and mow high to protect the grass roots.

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