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Learn Spring Yard Care For A Beautiful Lawn

Free seasonal remindersIf you’ve never taken care of a yard before, it is best that you learn spring yard care. This is so you can make sure that your lawn is kept beautifully and manageable throughout the year.

There are a lot of people who often make the mistake of leaving their lawn unattended during the spring. Sadly though, they are doing much damage to their lawn since these are the months when lawn care needs to be done well. By learning how you can take care of your lawn during spring, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout the year. As a result, your lawn will also be able to resist the calamities that will befall onto it because it is given more strength.

In order to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, there are two main points that need to be applied. These two need to be handed well since an excessive amount of either will result to a common mistake that can spoil your lawn. Thus, you will need to learn spring yard care to avoid such misfortune on your lawn. Here are some reminders on using fertilizer:

  • It should be applied after the lawn has aerated or dethatched. When these two tasks have been skipped out on, the fertilizer you have applied won’t be able to do its task.

  • Avoid applying chemical fertilizer on the lawn. This is because the toxic will remain a longer time than what is desired of it. As such, it can be absorbed by the skin, mouth and the eyes.

  • Switch to organic fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is the better option if you would like to make do without the harmful toxins.

  • When raining, never fertilize your lawn. The grass should be dry, the soil should have a light moisture before fertilizer is applied.

Watering too frequently will turn soil into dirt as well as decay the grass. At the same time though, lack of water will dry out the soil and make the gross growth slower than normal. This is why the right amount of watering should be done.

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