Why Liquid Aeration Is The Best Choice For Your Yard

use liquid aeration to achieve a beautiful lawnIt's common knowledge that aeration for your lawn and flower beds is crucial for healthy plants. What isn't as well-known are the different aeration methods you can choose. Everyone seems to default to either hiring a company with heavy equipment to come and punch holes in their lawn, or by doing it themselves by poking with a stick. Liquid aeration is a better option as it has 7 major advantages.

You can apply it yourself: Just mix with water and apply. Heavy equipment isn't needed and it involves very little labor. It doesn't get any simpler than this! Applying once in the spring and again in the fall will reap benefits quickly and easily.

Fights soil compaction: The main active ingredient in liquid aeration is Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. It works to loosen the soil, which lets air and water get to the roots. This method works especially well on tough soils like clay making it softer and looser, which you can't get by coring.

Deeper effectiveness: Coring, whether by hand or machine, only goes into the ground a few inches. Using a liquid that soaks down into the earth means you will have a far deeper penetration and it will improve the soil further down. Plant roots can therefore reach down further, making for a healthier plant.

Doesn't Put Holes In Your Lawn: Pulling plugs out of your lawn removes healthy grass, as much as 3% of it! When that happens you have to take another step to fix it, and that's overseeding your lawn. If this was the only way to care for your yard, it would make sense, but with liquid aeration you can do this without ripping out chunks of healthy grass. Now you don't have ugly dirt plugs all over your yard to look at either.

Free seasonal remindersHelps Break Down Thatch: That layer of dead grass between the soil and the lawn is thatch, and when it becomes too thick it will choke your lawn. Improved air and water circulation in the soil helps biodegrade that thatch, enriching the earth even more. This makes for a great home for earthworms, which are natural aerating machines.

Completely Biodegradable: Few of us want to have a healthier yard at the expense of the environment. Using this product that's completely biodegradable is a choice that's safe for the environment. More importantly, it's safe to walk on for you and your family.

Plants Thrive: All this gets you better air and water circulation in the soil, and then plant roots have better access to nutrients. By using liquid aeration and getting down deep in the dirt, the roots can go deeper and be stronger. The deeper the roots penetrate, the more drought resistant your yard will be.

The next time you think about aerating your lawn, think over these 7 points and ask yourself which is the better way. Which way is quicker, easier, better for plant health, and still good to the environment? Is it heavy equipment digging plugs out of your lawn, poking holes by hand with a stick, or liquid aeration?




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