Why Liquid Dethatcher is an Excellent Choice

use liquid dethatcher to get rid of thatch on your lawnThatch is a thick layer of grass stems, clippings, roots, and other debris that has gathered up over time and decomposed on top of the growing grass in your yard. This can be very harmful to your lawn because it accumulates over your soil right below the grass line and typically can not be seen, allowing it to block any water or nutrients to get to the roots of the new grass that is trying to grow.

The cause of thatch buildup can be based on several different factors. Poorly aerated soil, an excessive amount of nitrogen, or infrequent mowing can cause thatch to be a likely problem in your front or back lawn. A layer of thatch is the perfect place for insects and pathogens to accumulate while it also repels water from entering the soil which will eventually lead to hydrophobic soil conditions. This means that more maintenance will be required in order for your lawn to get back to looking its best once again.

What is Dethatching?

De-thatching or thatching your lawn is the process of removing the entire thick thatch layer from your lawn so that new grass may grow freely and there will be less damage from pathogens or harmful insects. One type of de-thatching solution that is widely popular and great to use would have to be Liquid Dethatcher.

Benefits of Liquid Dethatcher

Many liquid dethatcher products contain a highly advanced formula of natural microbes that will help to remove dead plant tissue in your lawn. These microbes feed on the dead plants or thatch and multiply after applied so that you can get rid of your thatch problem quickly. Repeating the liquid Dethatcher process will help to keep a constant supply of these helpful microbes in your lawn and degrade the dead plant materials.

A good dethatcher can be very effective when used under all types of conditions and it can help you to minimize future turf problems by consistently removing and maintaining the thatch layer. It can allow your lawn to have more oxygen and water penetration and can also help to reduce your need to apply any type of pesticides to the grass. Most liquid dethatcher products are made up of healthy organic components that can be very beneficial to the soil without being harmful to your children or pets.

There are other components in dethatcher products that can be very beneficial to your lawn and soil. Many organic liquid dethatchers may contain Humic Acids that can be a great help when modifying and improving the condition of your soil. These acids can improve the water holding capacity of your soil, increase the aeration, help it to resist a potentially harmful drought in the area and improve your seedbed while reducing any type of soil erosion.

If your lawn is suffering from a thatch problem, then you should consider purchasing a liquid dethatching product from World of Lawn Care. All of our fertilizers are made out of fresh, organic ingredients so that they are safe to use around children and pets. Our products are great for the environment and they work just as good, if not better than synthetic products. We also have a seasonal lawn care guide that you can sign up for on our website that is full of helpful tips that you can go by to keep your lawn looking its best all season long.




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