Helpful Information on Liquid Seaweed and its Uses

liquid seaweedLiquid Seaweed is one of the very best types of fertilizers that you can use for plants, but not many people who have gardens or enjoy growing house plants are aware of this. This organic fertilizer is available through an all-natural and sustainable source, known as Kelp and it can be harvested without leaving behind any damage to the environment.

What is Kelp?

Kelp is a variety of various types of seaweed that grows in the ocean to lengths of 50 meters or more. Some of the helpful elements that can be found in seaweed fertilizers include zinc, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen and iron. All of these essential materials are great for all types of plants. Nitrogen helps to produce nitrate, which is very useful for plants during the process of photosynthesis.

Liquid seaweed fertilizer can be adjusted in concentration based on what type of plant you are using the fertilizer with. This will allow you to only use the seaweed fertilizer that you need and not waste any of it, which will make your purchase last longer. You may need to use a diluted mixture for your front lawn while flowers or indoor plants may require a stronger solution. This allows you to save money when you choose to use liquid seaweed fertilizer instead of the standard type that you would find at your local hardware store.

How to Apply

The most effective method when it comes to administering liquid seaweed fertilizer to your plants is by foliar application. The extracts from Kelp can be much more effective whenever they are applied directly to the leaves of the plant instead of added to the soil. For this reason you might want to use a spray bottle to mist your plants until the liquid fertilizer begins to drip off the leaves. This will allow the plant to absorb all of the natural nutrients from the Kelp that it needs in a more efficient manner.

Extra Benefits

Some of the helpful advantages that come along with using liquid seaweed fertilizer include providing you with additional buds to plants, giving your fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life, allows cut flowers to stay in bloom much longer while on display in your home, improves overall seed germination and root growth and can be used as a helpful rooting solution.

If you treat your plant seeds with a coating of seaweed fertilizer before they are planted, you will help to give your plants a jump start when it comes to growth and promote good early seeding vitality. And if you apply this fertilizer to your crops, you will be providing them with more nutritional value such as higher protein content and high quality fruits and vegetables for harvest.

Liquid and non-liquid seaweed fertilizers may be used for soil treatment as well. These products can help you to treat your soil so that you will be able to grow disease resistant plants that are stronger and healthier. So remember to pick up some of this organic and all natural fertilizer so that you can have the best looking garden this upcoming planting season.




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