Natural Herbicide: Why Is It So Effective Against Weeds?

corn gluten mealThere is a large movement towards organic, and away from chemicals, with the strange belief that organic is less effective. That's simply not true. Corn gluten meal isn't just good for an organic product; it's the best of any product. Here are 7 things you need to know about this natural herbicide.

What it does: This corn by-product is a powder that attacks and dries up the roots of seedlings. When a weed first sprouts, the root withers and the plant dies. Killing before the weed becomes a plant is the best solution. Now you don't have to pull it out by hand or worry about getting all the roots out.

Easy to use: Apply on your yard and water in, following the package directions. No need to wear gear to protect you from chemicals and no need to keep animals or people off the area. It's an easy, safe, simple, natural herbicide.

Works on many pest plants: From crabgrass to dandelions, lambsquarters and bentgrass, this will stop them all from starting. It's so effective, it will even work on grass seed, so be sure to use it on an established lawn and wait 60 days before overseeding.

Download our guide to organic weed controlSafe for all environments: Not only can you use your yard immediately and safely, there is no danger of run-off to streams with this natural herbicide. It's not a pollutant of any kind; it's just a food by-product that works on weeds before they start.

It's also a fertilizer: Making life even easier, this is a true weed and feed. With 9% nitrogen, which lasts up to 3 months, your adult plants will be well-fed. Not only will they no longer have to compete with weeds, they're getting food at the same time. You save a step by having these two benefits in this natural herbicide.

What not to do: The only 2 things to avoid are planting seeds and poking holes. Since this works by drying up new roots, any seeds you plant will also be attacked. Corn gluten meal behaves like a blanket of protection over your yard, so avoid punching holes in it. If you plan on aerating, choose a different time to do so.

Free seasonal remindersTiming is everything: To everything there is a season, even for weeds. Plan your attack for the time of year that your plant pest sprouts. For example, crabgrass is active in the spring, and that's the time to apply this preemergent. Dandelions are active in the spring and fall, so you can apply at either time or both.

Science is bringing us new tools every day, and not all of them are polluting chemicals or second-best choices. Corn gluten meal is a great example of a scientific discovery that's a huge benefit in the war on weeds. It is organic, easy to use, safe for people and pets, and effective. There is no 'settling' for the best in organic products, this natural herbicide is the best choice of all.




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