What Exactly Is Natural Lawncare?

Natural lawncare can create beautiful, lush grassNatural lawncare is the use of organic products for your lawn. It is things like not mowing your grass too short so that it has to spend all its energy growing up instead of spreading out. It’s choosing the right kind of grass seed for the area you live in so that it doesn’t take constant watering to keep it alive. It’s choosing decorative plants and drought-resistant plants for your flower gardens. All of these things are involved in creating a beautiful lawn the natural way.

There is a myth that cutting your grass shorter will mean that you have to cut it less often. The truth is that if you cut your grass too short it will grow faster to replace all the sugars that were stored in the part you cut off. When this happens the grass has no time to form rhizomes which is how grass spreads. This can make your lawn appear thin and patchy. Natural lawncare advocates recommend leaving your grass at about 3 inches tall.

Free seasonal remindersChoosing the right grass seed is another important consideration for a naturally beautiful lawn. There are several varieties that grow quickly and spread evenly for almost any location. Some examples of these would be, Turf Alive!® III Grass Seed with Rhizomes or Northern Turf™ Brand Grass Seed Mixture which are created for quick growing lush lawns. No matter where you live there are native plants that offer beautiful flowers or foliage. Try incorporating these into your flower beds. They will not only grow better than an imported plant, they will take much less care. They are used to the amounts of rain that fall naturally in the area so they may not need any additional watering. Organic lawn care with less work is always a good thing.

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