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World Of Lawn CareNew lawn care can be challenging and requires special management whether your lawn was seeded or sodded.

To care for a new lawn that is just beginning to establish itself, frequent and light watering is essential for the rapidly growing root system. If you’re growing your lawn from seeds, the top one to two inches of soil should be kept moist at all times. It shouldn’t be soaked, and too much water can actually rot the seeds. However, multiple light waterings through the day for the first month is necessary to keep the seedbed moist. If you live in a particularly hot, dry climate, such as the desert southwest, it is even more important to diligently water on a regular schedule.

If you’ve used sod for your new lawn, once a day watering until the roots are well established is necessary. Again, if you are in a particularly warm climate, you may need to increase watering to two or three times a day. However, do not over saturate your lawn, and watch for changes in the grass color. If it begins to turn a bluish-gray hue, you’re not watering enough.

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Part of new lawn care is knowing when to mow for the first time. New lawns need time for their roots to become established before the grass can be mowed, and it frequently can take up to eight weeks before this happens. Remember to cut your lawn when it is dry so that your mower doesn’t pull up your new lawn. As well, you will only want to cut off about one-third of the height of the grass. Once you’ve mowed for the first time, establish a regular mowing schedule to help keep your grass healthy.

You might be tempted to care for a new lawn by fertilizing it right away, but this isn’t a good idea. You should wait at least six to eight weeks or longer if you’re growing your lawn from seed. When it comes time to fertilize, only use an organic, slow-release fertilizer that is safe for your family and the environment. Then, fertilize seasonally and as needed. To learn more about new lawn care or fertilizers, give the experts at World of Lawn Care a call today. They can help you grow and maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn.

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