Why Should You Switch To Organic Fertilizers?

organic lawn care fertilizersMany people still do not realize why organic fertilizers are better for their lawns. Even with all the eco-friendly information out there today, some people just don't understand what organic products are. Organic fertilizers are made from all-natural ingredients. It would only make sense that your landscaping and gardening would fare better with natural products.

Natural fertilizers like Winter Fertilizer or Mineral Blend offer you a safe and natural way to ensure that your lawn and landscaping plants have all the nutrients and minerals that they need to stay healthy. Healthy plants and lawns are naturally more beautiful than plants that are suffering from a serious lack of nutrients.

Some of the main reasons for using organic fertilizers are:

  1. Safe for children, pets and the environment: Some chemical fertilizers can be dangerous to your children or pets. It is even possible that the chemicals could get into your water system and contaminate your drinking water.
  2. Great for lawns that have been overburdened with chemicals: Chemicals do not always get absorbed the way natural products do. They can build up in your soil and you would never know it without testing the soil. Natural fertilizers do not contain material that is not useful to your soil and plants.
  3. Helps soil begin to function properly again: In order to be healthy, your lawn needs good soil to grow in. Healthy soil should have good bacteria and microbes that break down organic material like grass cuttings and twigs. Organic fertilizers help to restore the soil so that it can provide the nutrients that your grass or landscaping plants need.
  4. Increases microbial life crucial to plant health: Microbes break down the minerals and organic material into usable products for your plants. Often chemical products kill off the useful microbes which means that you need to keep adding more and more chemicals to make up for them. Natural fertilizers encourage the growth of helpful microbes so that you use less fertilizer and have a healthier lawn.

People are only just beginning to realize how dangerous some of the chemicals—some of which have been in use for decades—are to the planet. The chemicals have damaged the soil that grows crops and has leeched into the water systems, killing off animals and fish.

It is never too late to change the way you fertilize your lawn. Organic products may not be able to reverse the issues caused by chemicals but at least they won't add to the problem.

Each person who switches over to natural fertilizers is helping the Earth to recover from the abuse it has been put through. It may be a slow process, one lawn at a time, but any progress is good. Organic fertilizers can offer you the beautiful green lawns and gorgeous landscaping plants that you want without causing damage to your family or the Earth.




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