Organic Grass Fertilizer is Better for Family and Pets

organic grass fertilizer is better for petsWhether or not we admit it, organic grass fertilizer has been widely used by people who prefer organic products. And to those who haven’t resorted to this fertilizer type, they are still being criticized for their lack of concern on the harmful effects of using chemical based fertilizers. Now, it is time we dive deeper into the topic and thoroughly discuss just how good this type of fertilizer is.

Nowadays, almost everyone is aware of just how good organic fertilizers are. But even so, there still remains to be a number of people who still opt for using chemical based fertilizers. One of the key reasons for this is because they cannot afford to spend money on organic products. Even though they are aware that it is better for everyone, they too are aware that organic means more expensive.

But thinking about it, using organic grass fertilizer is a lot more economical as compared to chemically based products. This is because in the end, our family and pets are safe when we use organic products. Not only does a chemically based fertilizer have a harmful effect on the plants we grow, there are also some microbial compounds that can get inhaled by those who are in the area. As a result, it is more expensive to treat our family members and pets once the harmful effects of the compounds they have inhaled start to settle in their bodies.

Free seasonal remindersPutting aside the health risk of using chemical fertilizers, there are still a number of advantages as to why using organic lawn products is preferred. With regards to the aesthetic appeal of your lawn, organically treated lawns look much better as compared to the chemically induced lawns. If you use organic products, your plants will look greener and healthier. At the same time, this ingredient enables roots to grow much deeper. As a result, your grass and plants are drought resistant. This is also less expensive later on since you no longer need heavy watering and to mowing your lawn all the time!

The reason why organic grass fertilizer is the preferred product to be used on lawns is because it is natural. This means it does not have any negative and harmful side effects to your grass, family, pets, and to the environment. Organic fertilizer has been made from worm castings, manure, guano (waste products of bats), sewage, slurry, and seaweed. Aside from these, natural minerals that come from mine rock phosphate, limestone, and potash sulfate are also considered as such. And because these ingredients do not contain any harmful chemicals, they do not have any negative effects to everyone’s health.

When you use organic grass fertilizer, you can let your kids and pets play in your lawn. You can have no worries in letting them step on the grass because it is healthy. In turn, your kids and pets will be too! There have been several pets that have died because they have swallowed unhealthy grass. By turning to organic fertilizer, we can avoid that from happening to our beloved pets!




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