Five Reasons Why You Should Be
Using A Pre Emergent Herbicide

Pre emergent herbicide is safe for pets and peopleIt sure does sound complicated, but nothing could be simpler! A pre emergent herbicide is a way to stop weeds before they start to emerge and take over your yard. Is there anyone who enjoys digging up unwanted weeds over and over again? Not me. That's why I think everyone should use corn meal gluten as a pre emergent herbicide. Here are 5 reasons why it's the best choice for you, your yard and the environment.

It's safe to use. Corn meal gluten is a byproduct of grinding corn making this a food product, not a chemical nor a poison. Most often used for pet food and animal feed, there is nothing at all poisonous about this herbicide. That makes it safe for anyone or anything to be in and on your yard. Even better, there is no danger of windblown chemicals before, during or after application.

It's effective on many kinds of weeds. Corn meal gluten prevents a variety of weeds from dandelions and crabgrass to creeping bentgrass, smartweed, redroot pigweed, purslane, lambsquarter, foxtail, barnyard grass and Bermuda grass. You'll have the best line of defense against the worst invasive plants with this pre emergent herbicide.

It's also a great source of nitrogen. Being a food byproduct, it should come as no surprise to you that it's a great feed for your yard too. With a 10% nitrogen count, this herbicide will feed your mature plants for up to 4 months after using. No need for you to spend more time on your yard feeding it fertilizer, as this is a perfect weed and feed product.

Download our guide to organic weed controlIt has a potent effect on weeds. Corn gluten meal works by drying up the roots of a newly hatched seed. Without a root, the plant cannot survive and dies before it gets started. Keep in mind that this will also affect seeds you do want to grow, so you'll want to time your weeding and seeding for different times. If you want to seed your lawn, you'll want to wait 4 to 6 weeks before or after application. Remember, this will feed and nurture your mature plants; it's only harmful to seedlings.

It's easy to use. Simply spread the pre emergent herbicide and water it in to activate your protection against weeds, then let it do its job by leaving it be. Walk or play in your yard and get right back to enjoying it. Do be sure not to puncture your protection by aerating your lawn or digging up weeds at this time. Also, time your application for when the weeds' seeds are emerging. For instance, crabgrass sprouts in late spring, so that's the best time to apply.

There is all you need to know in 5 simple points. Your yard can be as beautiful and as weed-free as you want without hurting the environment. Not only is corn meal gluten safe, but it's easy and a great source of food for your plants. Isn't it time you started using corn meal gluten as your pre emergent herbicide?




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