Quality Lawn Care in 7 Easy Steps

quality lawn careQuality lawn care does not have to be expensive no matter what people think. For some people it seems that the word "quality" is synonymous with "price". This, however, can easily be achieved with a small amount of effort on your part. People equate the quality of the lawn with how green it is and how weed-free it appears. If your lawn is well cared for it shows.

One of the main mistakes people make when considering quality lawn care is thinking that they need several expensive products to use on their lawn. There are actually 7 easy steps to achieve a quality lawn that anyone can afford.

1. Sharpen mower blade: Keeping your mower blade sharp is one of the easiest steps to quality lawn care. A sharp blade cuts cleanly, leaving healthy grass. A dull mower blade tears and shreds the top of the grass, allowing diseases to take root in your grass.

2. Raise the mower height: Cutting your grass extremely short is bad for it. When grass is kept too short, it spends all its energy growing more grass instead of establishing its root system. For quality lawn care you should leave grass at least 3 inches long. This not only gives the look of lush full grass, it also allows the grass to establish a deep root system which protects your lawn from drought conditions.

3. Use a mulching mower: Mulching mowers return the cut grass to the soil replacing needed nitrogen. This step can reduce the amount of fertilizer you may need on your lawn.

4. Plant grass seed appropriate for the area: Be sure that the grass you have in your lawn is appropriate for the area you live in. If it's necessary to replace the lawn with a different type of grass more suited to the area, you can do this gradually by overseeding the lawn with the correct type.

5. Overseed: Overseeding can be used as a method to change over the type of grass you have in your lawn. It can also be used to fill in thin areas and reduce the number of weeds you have in your lawn. It is best to overseed in the fall so that the seeds are in place and ready to grow in the spring.

6. Deep-soaking watering when needed: If you find it necessary to water, consider one deep-soaking watering a week as opposed to several light waterings. Deep-soaking watering encourages grass roots to grow down into the soil and helps protect your lawn from drought.

7. Fertilize in late fall: You may still need to use a fertilizer to achieve quality lawn care. If so, consider a product like Winter Blend, which is an all-natural fertilizer that should be applied in the late fall. This allows the soil to absorb the fertilizer and be ready for beautiful results in the spring.

Quality lawn care does not have to be expensive or even time-consuming. It can be easy to achieve a lawn that your neighbors will envy with very little work on your part, as long as you keep these 7 tips in mind.




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