Tips for Seeding a New Lawn

Lawn seedIf you are seeding a new lawn there are a few things you need to consider before spreading grass seed. First you need to look at the soil. It's very difficult to grow good grass in bad soil; to make things easier, you should evaluate and prepare your soil. Is your soil sandy, compacted, full of stones or building debris? These can all affect the ease of seeding a new lawn.

Have you decided to add a pathway or patio to your yard? Adding hardscapes like these is easier before you begin preparing your soil for a new lawn. Why would you want to prepare and plant grass where you will just be digging it up again? Of course if you are planning on adding the hardscape in a year or two you will want the area planted with grass until you can add the hardscape.

One of the best ways to prepare your soil for seeding a new lawn is first to rake out all the sticks, large stones, and any building debris that may have been left behind. Once you have removed this debris you will want to add natural compost to the soil. You may need to use a garden rake to work the compost into the soil.

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Next you want to treat the area with a pre-emergent weed killer. There are several organic weed killers that are safe to use around your family. A product like Pre-Emergent Herbicide may be a good choice for you because along with killing weeds before they grow, it also includes nitrogen that your grass seed will need. One reason to use this is that natural compost is made up of vegetable material and could contain weed seeds as well; using a pre-emergent herbicide will kill any sprouting weeds.

Once you have the soil conditioned you are ready to start seeding. Be sure that you choose a grass seed that is right for your lawn. If you have a lot of open areas where direct sun will be shining on your lawn you want a grass seed that is made for that. However, if you have some mature trees in your yard you may need a grass seed that is more shade-tolerant. When seeding a new lawn you also need to take into consideration what the normal weather is like in your area. Your best bet will be to choose a grass type that is native to the area you live in. This will save you time and money.

A native grass seed means that it can tolerate the normal weather in your area and you will not have to water your newly seeded lawn. When seeding a brand new lawn you need to consider these things. Many areas have laws against watering lawns during hot summer months. If you choose the wrong grass seed you could be wasting all the time and effort you are putting into seeding a new lawn.




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