Sowing Grass Seed Is Not a Difficult Process

sowing grass seed

Many people think that they have to hire an expensive lawn service to come in and sow grass seed for them. Sowing grass seed is not that complicated and anyone can do it with little or no training. Whether you choose to sow the grass seed by hand or use a spreader that you push around the yard, the actual process is easy. If you have a really large yard you can even get a spreader attachment that hooks on to the back of your lawn mower or ATV.

Any way you look at it, it's not difficult to do the actual planting, but choosing the type of grass you want to sow can be a more complicated process. You need to look at why you are doing it. Are you just trying to fill in some areas where your lawn is thin? Are you filling in areas where your grass has turned brown? Are you overseeding to reduce weeds? Are you starting from scratch and seeding a whole new lawn? These concerns affect the way you plant your grass seed.

Before sowing grass seed, you will want to clean the areas where you are sowing with a good garden rake. The heavy metal tines on a garden rake will help to loosen the soil and remove dead grass or weeds from the area. Then, using a grass seed that is recommended for the area where you live, you can simply spread the grass seed by hand. Hand sowing is fine for small areas. Once you have spread the seed, go back over the area with a rake to gently work the seeds into the soil. This will prevent it from being blown away by wind, washed out by rain, or eaten by birds.

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If you are planting over a larger area you may want to use a spreader. You can get spreaders in either a walk-behind model or one that can be towed behind a riding lawn mower. If possible you still want to rake over the area first to remove any debris that may have built up on your lawn. This can include dead grass or weeds, sticks, leaves, anything that is likely to keep the grass seed from reaching the soil. After spreading the seed you should spread a light layer of mulch or compost over the area.

You get the best results when the weather is not extremely hot or cold. Spring time can be a great time for sowing grass seed, and so can fall as long as you don't wait until it is getting too close to winter. You will need to water your grass seed twice a day, unless you are in a naturally rainy part of the year. You should also let the new grass get at least two inches tall before mowing over it. That gives the root system time to establish itself.




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