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Spring Green Lawn Care Tips to Keep
Your Turf in Great Condition

World Of Lawn CareAs the first signs of spring begin to appear, it’s time to start your spring green lawn care. While not as time-consuming as the mowing you’ll do during the summer months, early spring lawn care is primarily focused on rejuvenating your grass after the cold winter months and preparing it for the prime turf enjoying days of spring and summer.

Here are the spring green lawn care tips that will get your lawn ready for the season:

Start by Raking

Even if you diligently raked up your leave at the end of last fall, you will undoubtedly have a layer of thatch that can hinder new growth. A spring raking to remove dead grass, twigs, and leaves will not only help stimulate new growth, it will also remove matted areas of grass caused by “snow mold”. Raking is an effective way of removing this unsightly condition.

Aerate to Eliminate Compaction

Even if your lawn is not subjected to excessive levels of traffic, it can begin to decline because of compaction. Compaction simply means that the soil beneath the turf has hardened and is not absorbing water and minerals effectively. This ultimately leads to poor conditions for root planting.

In nature, earthworms effectively work to prevent soil compaction. However, lawn aeration with a professional quality lawn aerator is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate compaction. At World of Lawn Care, we will soon be offering a wide variety of spring green lawn care products and equipment including lawn aerators.


Free seasonal remindersFertilizing is an important part of one of the most important spring lawn care tips. However, we recommend only a light feeding of an organic fertilizer to minimize growth of weeds. Both compost and mulching mowers can also be effectively utilized in conjunction with organic fertilizer. We recommend organic fertilizer which can be used in both the spring and fall.

Control Weeds

Annual weeds and crabgrass can first appear in the spring and the use of a pre-emergent herbicide is the best way to combat their invasion of your lawn before their seedlings can begin to grow.

Perennial weeds such as dandelions can also sprout up quickly once the soil begins to thaw. Post-emergent herbicides are not recommended in the spring and aren’t particularly effective on dandelions, in particular. Instead, the best approach to rid yourself of perennial weeds is to simply pull them by hand. And, yes, dandelion is edible, so go ahead and harvest them for a healthy, home-grown salad or side dish.

Ready Your Mower

Finally, spring green lawn care would not be complete without preparing your mower for the months of upcoming mowing that you have ahead of you. Take it in to your local repair shop for a tune-up or learn how to maintain your mower yourself. Just don’t wait until summer approaches before you have your mower ready to use.

To learn more about spring green lawn care, peruse our website for a variety of helpful tips and solutions, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any question about your specific lawn care needs.

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