Spring Lawn Care: 4 Steps for a Healthier Lawn

Free seasonal reminders When spring has come many of us are eager to get to our hands dirty in our yards.  But proper spring lawn care means letting your lawn dry out for a couple weeks: this will only work for you and not against you. So let the ground dry and while you wait, sharpen up your blades and get your tools in order. These next 4 steps will help you prepare your lawn for the coming summer months.

1. Raking: Sure, you might have raked in the fall but you can bet there is still thatch on your lawn and that will slow growth immensely.  Raking will help you remove any debris such as matted and moldy grass from winter.

 2. Fertilizer: There are a couple different camps on when to use fertilizer in the spring. One of the more common ways is to use a mulching mower along with a light amount of fertilizer. Then later when the grass is growing good and strong, you can increase the fertilizer.

3. Weed Control: Crabgrass and dandelions have been the bane of many a yard and weed control is an important part of any spring lawncare list. Crabgrass is best taken care of by a pre-emergent herbicide which kills the seedlings before they can really take hold. Dandelions on the other hand should just be pulled out by the root; it really is the best way to rid yourself of them.

 4. Mowing: Once you have prepared your mower for action, your spring time mowing should be high, much like when you are preparing for winter. You should be mowing about the top 3rd of your grass.

These 4 simple steps of spring lawncare will help you make the most of your lawn. Combined with a fall lawncare schedule you will have that lush prime turf everyone loves!

Rules For Beginners:

If this is your first time having a lawn of your own, you will need to know even more tips on spring lawn care. This is because it is the time when the weather warms up and your plants will need to be given the assistance that they need. It is the time when a new season is about to arrive and will require your diligence so that your plants will not die. Once you do it right, you will be able to have a beautiful lawn all throughout the year.

Here are the things you need to do in preparation of spring:

  1. A pre-emergent product needs to be applied to your lawn so that broadleaf weeds, nutsedge, dandelions and other weeds can be prevented from germinating. This type of product can be found at several home and garden stores

    Another option though is to get in touch with a lawn care company and get them to set up your lawn with a program for weed control and fertilization. By doing so, you can guarantee that your yard is free of weeds and will be fertilized professionally.

  2. Do a "first mow" for the season. It is a high possibility that winter will leave your lawn looking rough. This is why it is important that you let your lawn get back into good shape by mowing the winter weeds, debris and leaves.

  3. During this spring lawn care, it is time you put down mulch or pine straw. You need to refresh your grass beds so that they can add color to your lawn. Weeds should also be prevented from growing since it can block out the sunlight from your lawn.

  4. The best thing you can do to ensure a beautiful lawn this season is to aerate. Either rent a commercial aeration machine, or use our easy-to-apply aeration liquid to let air and nutrients down to the roots.

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