Spring Lawn Fertilizing Helps Your Yard Look its Best

If you would like to get your yard in the best shape possible, one thing that you can do to ensure that it truly reaches its full potential is to get an early start on your lawn fertilizing. Spring lawn fertilizing is an excellent way to ensure that your yard will look great the remainder of spring on into summer with fresh green grass and beautiful blooms all around.

Timing Your Spring Lawn Fertilizing

spring lawn fertilizingIt is best to fertilize your yard in the early spring or in between the months of February and April. Our grass is very hungry in these early spring and late winter months and feeding the lawn when it first starts to come out of its winter rest helps to give the roots more strength and gives your yard a boost before the heavy growing season begins.

Spring soil boosting is the most important thing that you can do for your lawn in order to keep it green and healthy all season long. A well-fed lawn will have a better overall root system that will be able to withstand long stages of heat, cold, foot traffic, dry weather and mowing.

Repeat For A Lush Lawn

If you can feed your grass around four times every year you will be providing it with all of the healthy nutrients and powerful strength that it needs to look refreshed all year long. But even applying fertilizer to your grass once a year will help it to completely improve its current condition.

Watch Out For Weeds!

While your lawn is actively growing and doing as it should in the spring, weeds are also eminent and growing at a rapid pace as well. When this occurs, you should use a spring lawn fertilizing solution that not only helps your grass to grow but also keeps away harmful weeds such as broadleaf weeds, commonly referred to as a weed and feed product. These products can help you take care of two problems at once in a simple and affordable manner.

Keeping It Healthy

When it comes to mowing your yard, you should go by the height to determine when and if it needs to be mowed. Do not simply go by a weekly or bi-weekly schedule or decide to mow your yard just because everyone else in the neighborhood is mowing their own. For most yards, it is best to have your grass anywhere from two to three inches high. In order to keep your yard looking healthy after you have applied spring lawn fertilizer, you should keep your lawnmower set to cut one third of the leaf blade. Remember, a sharp blade is key to keeping grass healthy!

Once fall arrives again, the climate will be ideal for your lawn with the cooler nights and plenty of rain to nourish it. If you would like to keep your yard looking as good as it can during the fall and winter season, you may want to consider applying fertilizer once again between September and November in order for it to recover from any damage that may have occurred during the extreme temperatures over the past summer. This will also help to prepare your lawn for winter by increasing the strength of its roots and providing it with plenty of nitrogen to store away for the next spring.





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