Four Critical Things to Remember When Starting a Lawn Business

There are several things to remember when starting a lawn business. This checklist can help you remember things you may otherwise have forgotten in your excitement to start a new business. A little extra work up front can save you a lot of trouble going forward, so don't neglect any of these!

1. Get Legal

Number one on the list is never to operate without a license. Operating your business without occupational and business license could cost you money in penalties and fines. Although getting the license will take some time, it is a very important part of having a business and you have to comply in order to get your business operational.

2. Get Insured

Another very important thing you should not miss is to get insurance for yourself and your equipment. You can get a general liability insurance to cover any damage you might cause on someone or their property while doing your job. If you have hired workers, you also need to have them insured in case they get injured while doing their jobs.

3. Get a Distinct But Descriptive Name

When starting a lawn business, it is always best to come up with a company name which will make people think of your company whenever they need lawn maintenance. To make sure that no one else is using the name, you have to check with your secretary of state office.

Once you've got a name, you can invest in business cards and flyers.  If you aren't making money yet, you may want to look at our free starting a lawn business marketing package.  It's full of helpful things that will help you "fake it 'til you make it", including:

  • business card templates
  • flyers
  • door hangers
  • sales invoices
  • and a free guide to increasing your sales and making your business grow

Take advantage of our help by using the package or calling our lawn care experts at 1-855-408-2488 to get helpful advice on starting your business.

4. Get Help With the Tough Stuff

Aside from all these things, it is not enough that you know how to mow a lawn, you need to know about business too. You need to have knowledge of accounting and taxation in order to make your lawn business run smoothly. You also need to know how to market your services.

Determine first who your target clienteles are because your marketing strategy will depend on what type of customers you are targeting. Their needs are different and you should be able to cater to their needs at all times. The amount of money that you invest in starting a lawn business will depend on whether you will need additional equipment or not.

For business customers, bigger equipment is necessary and you might also need additional hands to help you with the job. But if your target clients are small homeowners, then you don't have to buy any equipment, a simple riding lawn mower and blower will do to get you started.  Once you are comfortable with that business, you can add aeration and fertilization to your list of services, thereby increasing what you can charge customers.

It's easy to add those services to your list by purchasing our Lawn Care Contractor's Package.  It contains:

  • A trailer sprayer that attaches to the back of your riding lawn mower to help you fertilize and control weeds over large swaths of grass
  • 5 Gallons of our Aerator Blend to help rejuvenate tired, compacted grass
  • 30 Gallons of Soil Booster organic seaweed fertilizer, to nourish your lawn's roots
  • 30 Gallons of Green Sustaining Blend to help your customers' lawns stay lush even in the dry days of summer.
  • The free marketing package I told you about earlier.

Take a look at the package here.

Business Plan Pro

Looking for help building your business plan? We’ve found inexpensive, easy-to-use business plan software that can take the stress out of building a business plan.

Thanks for visiting our Starting a Lawn Business page and good luck to you!




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