Quick Tips For Lawn Care To Save You Time and Money

World Of Lawn CareThere are many quick tips for lawn care that can reduce the time you spend doing yard work. For the biggest time and cost reduction on lawn care, you need to start with reducing your dependence on chemical fertilizers and begin working on developing a healthy, natural lawn.

Natural, chemical-free lawns are resistant to weeds, insects, and diseases. They also absorb water more efficiently and require much less fertilizer, pesticides, and mowing.

To begin transitioning over to more natural lawn care, you first need to evaluate your soil. Organic lawn care methods require good soil quality to grow healthy grass. To determine you soil quality, have your soil tested at a soil testing lab or check it yourself with a soil test kit to measure pH and nutrient levels. Follow soil test recommendations to correct any deficiencies before you begin transitioning away from chemical lawn applications.

Once you have your soil in good condition, evaluate your grass type. Growing varietals that are right for your particular region are the best way to reduce your time removing weeds. As well, using a blend of several different grasses will help further protect your lawn from pests and disease.

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With the right grass type and healthy soil, your lawn will be well-equipped to transition to a more natural approach to lawn care that will ultimately save you time and money. Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll see other positive results including a more vibrant color to your lawn, a healthier environment for you, your family, and your pets, and a more welcoming habitat for birds and butterflies.

To learn more about the benefits of natural lawn care, including cost and time savings, give World of Lawn Care a call today at 1-866-399-5562. We’re happy to provide you more tips for lawn care to help you with all of your lawn care needs.

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