When and Why Should You Use Fertlizer?

Many people do not realize that their lawns need fertilizer in the spring and fall. These are the two times of the year when your lawn can really use a little extra help. In the spring there is a burst of new growth, your grass will be pulling a lot of nutrients out of the soil during this time. Fertilizing in the spring ensures that all the nutrients that your lawn needs are available to the grass roots. This may be the only help your lawn needs to remain healthy and green during the summer.

Just before snow fall or late into the fall in case you live in an area without snow, you may want to apply another application of a winterizing fertilizer like, Winter Blend. Winterizing blends of fertilizers like this one supply your lawn with the minerals and nutrients that it needs to survive the cold months. A lawn that is not able to store these minerals to help them through the winter months can be patchy and grow weakly in the spring. Failure to apply a winterizing fertilizer could leave your lawn prey to diseases and insect damage in the spring.

This should be all the fertilization that your lawn needs. However, if you are planning an outdoors party and want your lawn to look extra special you may want to consider a product like, Green Sustaining Blend. The added nitrogen will green up your lawn in a few days so apply it 2 to 3 days before you are planning on holding your event. This is a completely organic product that is safe for pets, children, and the earth and is totally water soluble so it will not burn your lawn.

Fertilizing may seem like a bother but it can save you time and money when it comes to your lawn care. A well fertilized lawn will be lush and full, this reduces the need for herbicides that could harm you and your family. When your grass grows in full it blocks out the sun from reaching weed seeds. This prevents the weeds from growing so that you do not have the bother of weeding or spraying for weeds.

Healthy lawns with strong root systems are less likely to be damaged by insects or disease. These problems generally appear when lawns have been neglected. Healthy lawns that receive all the minerals and nutrients that they need are easier to maintain. They often take less water since they develop deeper root systems. When grass roots grow deeper into the soil they require less watering because they can reach moisture that is trapped beneath the surface.

Applying fertilizer twice a year may seem like a lot to you. However, if you keep in mind that the fertilizer mixture is different depending on the time of year you are applying it, it will make more sense. Make sure you use a winterizing blend in the fall. All fertilizer is not created the same, be sure you get the type you need based on the time of year.




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