When To Fertilize Lawn:
The Secret You Need To Know

when to fertilize lawnFeeding plants during the growing season is a common task, while feeding for the winter months is often ignored. Think about how important it is for the plants in spring to wake up full of strength and energy. To miss this chance to nourish your grass will set you back in spring, just when you are expecting the most green. Knowing when to fertilize lawn and how to do it for the cold months is too important to overlook.

Winter Protection: Just like how bears get ready to hibernate for winter, so does your grass. It needs minerals to be protected against the cold and so it seeks them out. These minerals need to be absorbed and stored by the plants before the frost hits to ensure they have the best winter protection. An underfed lawn won't have the nutrients it needs to survive the winter, and will wake up in spring looking deprived.

What to look for: Find a feed that has chelated minerals as that makes it the easiest for your grass to feed on. Be sure it has the right combination you need of magnesium, iron, manganese and sulfur. With the right balance and easy access to nutrition, you'll have the right winter fertilizer. It's important each winter to remember what the right fertilizer is to feed your plants, and not just when to fertilize lawn.

Free seasonal remindersApplication Time: Since this is to prep for winter's sleep, you'll want to apply before the first frost hits. Try to beat the frost by 2 weeks or so for the best effect. As the weather turns cooler, the grass begins seeking out what it needs to hibernate. By the time the first frost hits, this mineral seeking has already begun, so be ready for it. When to fertilize lawn is before the frost sends the grass into dormancy.

Benefits: Having the right food ready at hand will increase your turf's strength, and that pays huge dividends. The stronger grass will be better able to fight off weeds, pest and disease, reducing the need for pesticides and herbicides. It will also stay greener longer, and come back stronger and thicker. The roots, too, will grow stronger and go deeper. By knowing when to fertilize lawn, you will reap all these rewards.

People eat all year-round, so we don't think as much as we should about how plants differ from us. During the growing season it's easier; when they look less lively, we remember to provide food. Take the time to think about what it means for turf that has to face a long winter's sleep. It's necessary to have the vital minerals needed for the strength to endure the cold. Waking up in spring, healthy and strong, your grass can fight off its enemies and become a lush carpet of green. Don't leave it weak and prey to all sorts of weeds, diseases and pests. Knowing that when to fertilize lawn is not just when it is growing, but before it goes dormant, will mean a lush carpet of grass that is better able to look after itself.

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