When To Seed Lawn:
8 Secrets You Need To Know

when to seed lawnAdding seed over your grass, known as overseeding, is the best way to get a full green carpet for your yard. It's not just a matter of throwing it on and hoping for the best, though. These are the eight secrets to know about when to seed lawn.

1. The best time: Fall is the best time, although spring is also a good choice. After the heat of summer has faded, there is an opportunity to get new growth started before winter falls. Come spring, the old and the new will work together, growing and crowding out weeds.

2. Air it out: Get started by getting the land ready. Aerate your yard and get rid of thatch and compressed soil. Better air circulation in the soil is better for plants, new and old. Getting air moving in and around the soil is as important as when to seed lawn.

3. Beef it up: Having nutrient-rich ground is essential! A fall fertilizer will energize your yard by adding needed minerals, conditioning the soil, providing microbial cultures that aid breakdown of organic matter, and will give a boost of feed.

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4. Mow it low: Cutting the grass short is the way to ensure the old plants won't hide the sun from the new. Also, you want to get the seed on the ground where it can take root and not sit on top of a shaggy lawn.

5. Final prep: Rake up all the debris and clippings to get more air and sun down to the surface. Top with a thin layer of soil, filling in any divots and covering any bare roots.

6. Spread the right way: Fill a spreader with half the amount recommended for overseeding and broadcast working up and down over your yard. Continue with the rest, but work your way across the area. This gives you the best coverage. It's not just about when to seed lawn, it's about perfectly even coverage.

7. Finishing the job: Don't leave the seeds out for the birds and wind to take away! Give it a final, gentle rake to set them down in the ground, or give it a light dressing of top soil. Going over the ground with a roller will also help to settle things firmly. Mist the whole area gently. Water is as important to seeds as the sun and air.

8. Follow up is just as important as knowing when to seed lawn. Keep the misting up, and never let the ground dry up completely. Once they've sprouted, ease back on the watering, with the breaks between waterings a bit longer each time. Keep off the grass as much as possible; it takes time for it to be strong enough for you to walk on. Keep up the feeding: give it another boost of fall fertilizer in 5 weeks, getting that soil perfectly conditioned for the future months.

Fall overseeding will keep your grass looking great. By knowing when to seed lawn, aerating, letting the light in, and feeding the soil with the right fertilizer for the season you will have a lush carpet of grass to enjoy.

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