Winter Lawn Care Strategies That Really Work

World Of Lawn CareThroughout much of the United States and Canada, winter lawn care can be confusing when temperatures are simply too cold for grass to grow. However, proper care for your turf is still important even when grass is dormant.

The bulk of lawn care for the winter months actually needs to take place in the fall before snow, ice, and cold temperatures begin. And, the main goal is simply to prepare grass for when it will resume growing in the spring.

To begin with, you’ll need to clean up fallen leaves. Don’t forget to compost the leaves to create your own mulch that you can use for next year’s landscaping projects. You definitely DON’T want to leave leaves on the grass as they will block out both the air and light your lawn needs.

Give your lawn one last mowing when temperatures begin to drop near freezing in the evenings. Leave a small scattered amount of grass clippings on the lawn to add nitrogen back into the soil over the winter and early spring.

Free seasonal remindersIf you’ve used your lawn a great deal over the spring and summer, the soil beneath could be compacted – preventing air, water, and fertilizer from penetrating to reach grass roots. For heavily-used turf, winter lawn care should also include aeration. Winter lawn care can also include over seeding to fill bare and sparse patches of turf before the ground freezes. This is particularly effective if you’ve also aerated. Do you have questions about winter aerating - contact us directly and we’ll respond right away.

To ready your lawn for the spring, apply an organic fertilizer no later than mid-November in cool climate locations. For best results, use a fertilizer spreader to provide even coverage.

While lawn care during the cold months is mostly about preparing it for spring growth, it’s important to water it every couple of weeks if there has not been any precipitation. Yes, lawns can dry out in the winter, so it’s essential to keep them moist throughout the winter months. Finally, regularly check your lawn for weeds and pull them as they appear.

With these easy-to-follow lawn care tips, you’ll keep your lawn in good shape throughout the cold months and be ready with a green lawn in the spring. To learn more about how to best care for your lawn, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-399-5562. Our team of experts is happy to assist you.

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